Transportation Electrification Technology Assessment and Testing 

Quanta Technology provides practical solutions and testing services to support utilities, facility owners, installers, and EV/EVCS manufacturers in the areas of transportation electrification technology testing and integration. Testing electric vehicle chargers both prior to installation and in the field is key in providing reliable charging sessions for EV owners and supporting the move toward electrification of transportation.

Controlled testing and demonstration of transportation electrification technologies are critical in addressing concerns about EV adoption. Key stakeholder concerns are presented in the illustration above.

Common Concerns and Complaints from Different Stakeholders Involved in Transportation Electrification

EV Testing

Quanta Technology offers three categories of transportation electrification technology assessment and testing:

Evaluates meter accuracy/performance under various conditions and calibrates as needed. This ensures accurate customer billing.

Category 1: EV Chargers Sub-Metering Accuracy Testing

Verifies the charger can follow the charging sequence and procedures. The focus is more on items such as charger ramp rate, ground fault protection, etc. The functionality testing of DC fast and ultra-fast chargers requires high-power setups. 

Category 2: EV Chargers Functionality Testing

Verifies that communications between charger, EV, and network comply with the applicable standard protocols (e.g., OCPP, ISO 15118 …)

Category 3: EV Chargers Interoperability Testing

  • EV charger-to-network communications:
    • Connection to third-party aggregators, or for the purpose of data exchange and telematics, implementing demand response (DR) programs, etc.
  • Vehicle to charger


Specific Services

Quanta Technology experts have extensive knowledge in transportation electrification technologies and their requirements. That knowledge is bolstered by engagement in several projects and by hands-on involvement in compliance testing and verifications.

Service: Submetering accuracy testing and calibration using in-house-built testing tools (both AC and DC chargers) (using NIST Handbook 44)


DC Fast Chargers Submetering Accuracy Test Setup


DC Fast Charger Submetering Accuracy Tester
AC Level-2 Submetering Accuracy Tester
Fully Portable Design for Field Testing

Service: Charging stations functional testing (AC and DC chargers up to 500 kW) (IEC 61851, SAE J1772)

Service: Interoperability and conformance testing (CharIN-CCS, OCPP, IEEE P2030.1.1, ISO 15118, CHAdeMO)

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DC Fast and Ultra-Fast Charger Functionality and Interoperability Test Setup Using RE-VAN


AC EV Simulator for Functionality and Interoperability Testing of AC Level 2 Chargers

Service: Assessment of EVSE impact on the host distribution grid and emerging topics, including V2G

Power Hardware in the Loop Setup for Testing Impact of 350 kW and 50 kW Chargers on the Host Distribution System Using RE-VAN

Service: Service centers of future design and engineering

Fleet electrification necessitates rethinking of the service center design and transitioning of energy sources to a fully electric center. The service centers of the future will be required to support electric transportation fleets. To improve resiliency, a service center should use battery energy storage systems (BESS) along with a local controller (e.g., a microgrid controller) to achieve efficiency, reliability, and integrity of supply and operation. Examples of key-use cases that are commonly discussed in relation to a fully electric service center include:

  • Managing utilization of multiple energy resources (PV, BESS, etc.) and controllable loads (water heating, electric vehicle chargers, etc.) to support the day-to-day operation of medium and heavy-duty fleets
  • Planned and unplanned island operation of the facility for responding to system events
  • Managing electric vehicle charging load during peak time to minimize the impact on the grid and achieve cost savings



Service Center of Future – Conceptual Design


Our expertise spans from regulatory and impact assessment to pilot projects. The map below shows select Quanta Technology EV and DER activities throughout the United States.

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Summary of Quanta Technology EV and DER Activities in the United States



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