Re-Generative Electric Vehicle Actuation Node

Overview: RE-VAN™ EV simulator is an outdoor-rated, regenerative device designed to simulate an electric vehicle (EV) for the testing of DC fast or ultra-fast chargers. The RE-VAN™ EV simulator is capable of EV communications using either CCS1 or CCS2 EV chargers. The RE-VAN™ EV simulator can emulate an end-to-end EV charging process up to the rated DC capacity of the EV charger without the use of a battery-based storage system.

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  • The testing of DC fast and ultra-fast chargers rated 50 to 350kW, including:
    • Safety and functional testing per the IEC 61851 standard
    • Interoperability and conformance testing per CharIN-CCS, ISO 15118
  • Analysis of vehicle-to-grid integration (VGI) and impacts on host systems per SAE J2894
  • Cybersecurity testing of EV chargers using interfaces to a third-party controller.

Reasons to test DC chargers with RE-VAN™ EV simulator instead of EVs:

  • Limited charging power of EVs: The maximum charging power of the typical EV is less than that of most DC chargers. As a result, finding an EV that can be used for testing ultra fast chargers is a major problem.  RE-VANEV simulator can easily test chargers up to 350 kW.
  • Fixed battery characteristics: Charging curves and battery characteristics for each EV are dependent on its batteries and cannot be changed or modified by the user.  RE-VAN EV simulator allows the user to select any charging patterns desired from the built-in, comprehensive library of EV batteries, as well as the ability to upload a user-defined charging profile.  Additionally, the user may specify other test conditions such as the simulated EV’s battery capacity.
  • Test repeatability issues: The repeatability of testing chargers when using actual EVs is a key issue since test conditions, and therefore results, vary with the state of the EV battery during each test.  As an example, the starting state of charge (SOC) of an EV can only be adjusted by charging or discharging the car which is inconvenient and can significantly increase the testing time. RE-VAN EV simulator solves this issue by allowing the user to specify their initial and final test conditions and provides the ability to repeat the tests without delays. 
  • Safety concerns: When testing the performance of EVSEs, the goal is to verify their operation and determine responses to a safety threat, such as abnormal operating conditions of the system. In the case of simulating EVSE’s response to an external failure mode such as a cyberattack, utilizing an actual car can have a catastrophic impact. However, RE-VAN is designed with additional safety features to prevent any incidents even in the case of failure from the EV charger. 

Model Specifications:

Physical Specifications:

Features: RE-VAN EV simulator’s design provides a wide range of capabilities to achieve flexibility for the testing of EV chargers while complying with relevant industry standards. RE-VAN EV simulator utilizes fully automated test procedures and is equipped with a user-friendly HMI so that users with minimal technical knowledge may effectively operate it.

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RE-VAN™ Modes of Operation:

Automatic Mode:

This mode may be used for simulating the charging process of a typical EV using different battery curves available in RE-VAN’s library. This mode is mainly used for functional and interoperability testing of EV chargers.


Profiling Mode:

This mode allows the operator to upload user-defined charging profiles to investigate the impact on fast chargers, as well as the impact of different charging patterns on the host distribution system.


Manual/3rd Party Mode:

In this mode, the user can utilize the 3rd-party interface provided by RE-VAN for testing external EV control units (CU) or cybersecurity testing of DC fast and ultra-fast chargers.


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