Asset Management

Quanta Technology can support all aspects of a utility’s Asset Management Process. Our experts can help assess the state of existing asset management organizations, provide expert advice on how to achieve business needs, and develop any analytical capabilities needed to support decision-making and capital planning activities.

  • The key to developing an effective Asset Management Plan is a good understanding of the health of, and value provided by, each of your assets. Quanta Technology’s experts are experienced in quantifying the condition of aging equipment and developing sound, multi-year maintenance and replacement plans that have been successful with regulators. We provide services to evaluate the current condition of power delivery assets to assist utilities in risk management, reliability planning, and lifecycle cost management.
  • Risk management is one of the critical activities performed by utilities for the communities they serve. Accurate asset condition, criticality, and failure impact data facilitate sound decision-making. Quanta Technology’s experts can perform assessments of existing risk evaluation processes and risk controls (e.g., maintenance and inspection practices, operating practices, design standards, and equipment specifications) and make recommendations rooted in real-world experience and industry best practices.
  • Quanta Technology can review your engineering standards and equipment specifications and provide expert advice incorporating industry best practices that will meet your specific needs. Our experts evaluate all aspects of the asset lifecycle when developing standards and specifications to understand the long-term cost impact after implementation. Our team can also evaluate maintenance programs and provide recommendations to improve prioritization of assets, selection of mitigations, and overall program outcomes.
  • A strong asset management culture ensures alignment across a company’s goals and investments. Utilities are being asked to balance an ever-expanding set of priorities and to justify their decisions with more sophisticated analysis. As asset populations continue to age and introduce risk, climate change and the proliferation of DERs drive investments in resiliency and modernization. A focus on asset management practices not only supports more efficient operations and increased performance, it also provides additional support in rate cases and other regulatory proceedings. 
  • Quanta Technology favors no specific software packages. Our experts believe in a comprehensive approach to data management and analytical models and can help develop business requirements that can be implemented in any environment. Our team has experience with the entire analytics pipeline comprising data capture, analytics, process automation, and visualization for decision-making. 
  • Managing the people side of change is complex and takes more than successful project management and proven leadership. By expertly applying Change Management, you can identify risks and resistance during every step of your project and take deliberate, industry proven steps to mitigate and overcome them. Quanta Technology provides Change Management services to help you successfully achieve desired business goals and results for utility operations process, technology, and transformation changes.   Download Change Management Flyer
    ADKAR Prosci Change Management
  • The Quanta Technology approach to FACTS is to consider the entire lifecycle of the system starting with initial planning-level studies.  Our services for transmission planning for FACTS devices encompass not only the conceptual studies for power flow, reactive and voltage performance, and rating studies but also optimization during the operational life from a planning perspective as system needs evolve.  Our team of experts has been assembled to address a complete range of experience and perspective related to FACTS, including utility transmission planning and asset optimization throughout its service life.  Download PDF

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