Grid Operators

Quanta Technology offers services to Grid Operators (RTOs and ISOs) ranging from big-picture economic and operational analysis to development and validation of detailed device models. Our team combines industry-leading technical expertise and business acumen enabling us to provide solutions that are not only technically robust but also practical to implement. Our approach is to create and leverage best-in-class software tools and processes to support our clients and long-term partners in solving the toughest challenges facing the industry today.   

  • The planning of transmission grids faces increasing reliability and security challenges. Forecasts on electrical load growth and deployment of new generation assets are the main drivers for ISO and RTO grid planning evaluations. Quanta Technology has the necessary software tools and experiences to perform detail electrical load forecasting on the overall footprint or on a target load center or area. Quanta Technology also has the expertise to perform detailed transmission analyses which meet the needs of the ISO/RTO with services ranging from short term and long-term master planning to detailed technical studies such as validating models. Quanta Technology possesses the knowledge to include inputs and assumptions that are practically acceptable and defendable with an objective of reducing planning risks involved in the determination of proper grid expansion and/or deployment of specific devices.
  • In this age of climate impacts and extreme weather events, Quanta Technology provides services to evaluate and improve transmission system resiliency.   Quanta Technology capabilities encompass a spectrum of resiliency elements including wildfire risks, earthquake vulnerability, gas/fuel disruption scenarios, CIP-014-2 requirements (R1 & R2), extreme weather, and aging infrastructure.  Quanta Technology approach is based on a combination of in-house tools and commercial software that cover a broad range of resiliency subjects.  Quanta Technology has actively been engaged on evaluating the available options and alternative to achieve aggressive ISO/RTO objectives and measures. 
  • Quanta Technology has long working relationships supporting ISOs/RTOs grid operators and planners on a range of services related to the integration of renewable generation.  These services range from wide area system impact of high penetration of low- or zero-inertia generation to developing and validating detailed models of renewable technologies and inverters.  Quanta Technology completed interconnection studies on behalf of the ISOs/RTOs covering power flow, short circuit and transient stability evaluations.  Quanta Technology has the experience in developing appropriate models for selected technologies, inputs and assumptions, dispatchability, deliverability, security analysis, contingency lists, and robustness.  Quanta Technology studies were defendable and acceptable based on industry standards.   
  • Quanta Technology has a solid experience in assisting the ISO and RTO organizations in defining the proper strategies for storage system operation and control within their respective footprints.  The foresee support would range from grid design, performing planning studies, evaluate technical and economic impacts of storage integration and put forward software tools for operators’ interactions.  Quanta Technology in house diverse human resources cover experiences on grid, end user, EMS, development, optimization, contingency analysis, grid operation conditions and generation.  These experiences provide solid grounds for a full engagement potential supporting the operators to come up with protocols that are in-line with the storage advancement. 

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