Our advisors at Quanta Technology can provide your organization with a wide range of solutions centered around compliance. Our team combines industry-leading technical expertise and business acumen, enabling us to offer solutions that are both technically robust and practical to implement. We seek to form long-lasting partnerships with our clients as we take on the toughest challenges facing the industry today.


  • Quanta Technology has developed a proprietary software platform, The CORE™ System Analyzer, that can significantly reduce costs and improve the quality and efficiency of protection studies for sensitivity, coordination, wide-area coordination, and regulatory compliance through automation. The CORE™ System Analyzer utilizes raw data from standard software packages such as CAPE and ASPEN, providing a customizable report that summarizes the issues. Quanta Technology conducts studies on behalf of utilities as a service, and we also license the tool to our client partners.
  • In this age of climate impacts and extreme weather events, Quanta Technology provides services to evaluate and improve transmission system resiliency. Our capabilities encompass a spectrum of resiliency elements including wildfire risks, earthquake vulnerability, gas/fuel disruption scenarios, CIP-014-2 requirements (R1 & R2), extreme weather, and aging infrastructure. Our approach is based on a combination of in-house tools and commercial software that cover a broad range of resiliency subjects.
  • Quanta Technology conducts compliance studies for NERC Protection Reliability Standards (such as CIP-10, PRC-023, and PRC-027), covering a full range of offerings to assist utilities in meeting PRC requirements from start to finish, for any size transmission network. For larger projects, our suite of automation-based solutions interface seamlessly with other protection software such as CAPE and ASPEN, including Primary and Protection Model Setup and Validation. Our software tools may be applied as a complete integrated process or used in part to support existing compliance programs.
  • NERC reliability standards require careful monitoring to effectively manage system risk and mitigate corporate exposure. The standards have come into force over several years and have changed over time. NERC standards now cover several areas including Protection Relay and Control (PRC), Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP), Transmission Planning (TPL), System Modelling (MOD) and Facilities Design, Connection and Maintenance (FAC). Quanta Technology is at the forefront of supporting customers with their NERC compliance requirements.

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