System Protection and Control

Quanta Technology has assembled a team of industry-leading technical experts. We support our clients and partners in solving some of the toughest challenges facing the industry today. These services relate to new or unexpected challenges and cover a broad spectrum ranging from analysis of unusual system events to testing to model the impacts of new technology from a system perspective.

  • The experts at Quanta Technology provide the ARTMS service to test and manage your relays in an automated way. The ARTMS service provides you with the correct settings to implement on your relays, along with a report showing the results of tests based on which those settings were determined. To maintain the reliability and resiliency of the grid, power system engineers routinely perform complex system performance analyses, which may include detailed simulations. Comprehensive power studies on a wide range of system conditions produce extensive amounts of raw data that quickly becomes overwhelming to comprehend. CORE® tools leverage the benefits of software automation to address the challenges in executing these studies as well as processing and interpreting the results.
  • Quanta Technology has developed a proprietary software platform, The CORE™ System Analyzer, that can significantly reduce costs and improve the quality and efficiency of protection studies for sensitivity, coordination, wide-area coordination, and regulatory compliance through automation. The CORE™ System Analyzer utilizes raw data from standard software packages such as CAPE and ASPEN, providing a customizable report that summarizes the issues. Quanta Technology conducts studies on behalf of utilities as a service, and we also license the tool to our client partners.
  • Quanta Technology experts support all phases of RTDS® testing, including test plan development, test setup, the performance of tests, and analysis of test results. Our experts can also support our client partners with identifying and proposing solutions for any problems encountered during testing. Quanta Technology maintains two state-of-the-art RTDS® test laboratories, and we also support on-site tests using client-owned systems. Quanta Technology also has experience supporting clients in specifying and building their own RTDS® test facility.
  • Quanta Technology provides client-specific services for IEC 61850, including Strategy Development and Roadmaps, Implementation Support, and Knowledge Transfer and Testing. The team of experts from Quanta Technology has participated in the development of the IEC 61850 protocol since its inception in 1995 and understands how to best leverage IEC 61850 technology in order to realize the maximum benefit. Quanta Technology has worked with many utilities to quantify the cost-benefit analysis of implementing IEC 61850. The breadth of our experience includes cost-benefit analysis, optimizing substation refurbishments, encompassing engineering processes, tools, application standardization, and advanced system engineering testing to ensure maximum reliability and IEC 61850 compliance.
    iec 61850
  • Quanta Technology’s team of experts and protection engineers have extensive experience working with transmission and distribution relay settings calculations, providing protection settings support to utility customers by performing fault studies using industry-standard software (ASPEN, CAPE, CYME, etc.) to develop settings based on our clients’ protection philosophies.   We also perform third-party peer review on settings work performed by other entities.  We also have expertise with applications such as Distributed Energy Resources (DER), series compensated lines, and other technically challenging topics.
  • Quanta Technology has completed numerous projects with utilities involving the practical application of Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs) to solve critical issues.  Examples include large scale synchrophasor system deployments, advanced R&D projects, roadmap development, development of remedial action schemes (RAS), and specialized applications for transmission and distribution such as detection of downed conductors, PMU engineering applications, and other topics. Quanta Technology can assist in all aspects of the project including System Design and Technical Specification, Deployment Planning, Procurement Support, Implementation Support and System Expansion Support.  Quanta Technology can utilize an RTDS for architecture and scheme validation using system simulations.
  • Quanta Technology performs studies to review relay coordination across the entire transmission grid or a selected region or voltage level with testing for sensitivity analysis, evaluation of protection performance under numerous fault cases and contingencies, and generation of actionable reports for utility engineers to rank issues found based on risk levels. Quanta Technology’s engineering summary greatly facilitates the quick identification of the most critical issues.

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