Engineering Automation

Digital transformation has changed the modern world, and the power industry is no exception. Our advisors at Quanta Technology offer a highly innovative set of solutions to automate engineering tasks. Our team combines the organization’s extensive industry expertise with digital transformation techniques to provide solutions that are not only technically robust but also practical to implement. Our work with clients in this area often leads to long-lasting partnerships as we collaboratively find that our automation tools can be adapted and applied to improve other areas of repetitive engineering tasks beyond initial deployment.

  • CORE® (Compliance, Operations, Reliability, Engineering) is a suite of software tools developed by Quanta Technology to address the growing complexity of the modern power system. The CORE® platform offers a comprehensive set of modules for automation and data management solutions, ranging from data transformation applications, system analysis tools, and reporting and presentation processors. To maintain the reliability and resiliency of the grid, power system engineers routinely perform complex system performance analyses which may include detailed simulations. Comprehensive power studies on a wide range of system conditions produce extensive amounts of raw data that quickly becomes overwhelming to comprehend. CORE® tools leverage the benefits of software automation to address the challenges in executing these studies as well as processing and interpreting the results.
  • Quanta Technology offers unmatched expertise in the representation and model development of protective devices in a wide range of industry-standard software packages. Our extensive industry experience enables our experts to provide best-practice advice and support in all aspects of protection modeling, including conception, implementation, maintenance, and actual simulation studies. We have created these capabilities in consideration of the greater demands being placed on Protection Engineering departments to meet the technological and regulatory challenges of the future, in an ever-changing power systems industry. The availability and increasing capabilities of software simulations represent significant opportunities to assist engineers in the development and performance evaluation of critical protection devices.
  • The widespread deployment of digital technologies is transforming the power industry. The availability of system status and measurement data represents an opportunity to improve operational paradigms and engineering practices. However, the management and utilization of this data, especially in the volumes associated with advanced analytics and system operation functions, have proven to be critical considerations in effectively realizing these potential benefits. Our team at Quanta Technology offer comprehensive solutions to overcoming the DRIP Dilemma (Data Rich, Information Poor) in managing and utilizing this data. We combine our capabilities in process and software development, experience in data best-practices, and the unmatched expertise of our power industry practices to ensure the data can facilitate customer goals.
  • Utilities are frequently facing a multitude of processes, tools, and data assets in support of Planning, Operations, and Asset organizational units. To meet modern challenges, utilities increasingly have sought to integrate these historically separate processes, tools, and data assets in order to realize improvements in efficiency, communication, and data integrity across their entire organization. Quanta Technology offers a best-in-class approach to process integration by combining our foundation of industry domain expertise with purpose-built tools that enable alignment of processes and data across separate organizational units.

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