Technology Integration & Implementation

Quanta Technology has assembled a team of industry leading technical experts and experienced professionals from the utility industry. This collaborate approach enables us to provide solutions that are not only technically robust but also practical to implement, which is essential in the deployment of new technology on a utility system. We seek to form long lasting partnerships with our clients as we take on the toughest challenges facing the industry today. 

  • Distributed Energy Resource Management Systems (DERMS) reside at the core of Grid Modernization strategy as DER impact almost all facets of distribution planning and operations. Quanta Technology has more than a decade of experience supporting utilities navigate this evolution.  We have assembled a team of industry experts and thought leaders equipped to help utilities plan, justify, select, and integrate DERMS solutions to be scalable and expandable as integration of DER penetration increases and technology evolves.  In addition, our capabilities include not only front-end services but also supporting the implementation, and operations and maintenance of DERMS.  
  • Quanta Technology has experience leading several utility communications projects. These projects included supporting, executing, evaluating, and consulting for various types of communications requirements. The communications are associated with deploying distribution automation schemes, enhancing SCADA systems, implementing distributed PMU applications, and managing DERs. Quanta Technology has a team of industry experts and thought leaders ready to help utilities plan, justify, select, and implement various type of communications.
  • Quanta Technology offers innovative products and software applications with focus on testing and performance enhancement of grid-edge applications to address a wide range of technological challenges for system integration and project success, and to mitigate gaps in existing grid-edge tools and solutions. These products consist of testing devices, software platforms, and behind-the-meter innovative battery energy storage systems. The Quanta Technology Grid Edge products includes: BESSTI™ - Battery Energy Storage Testers, The EVMT™ - EV Sub-metering Tester, Mobile Energy Storage System (MBESS™), and Site Controller and DER Aggregator. 
  • Quanta Technology has a broad portfolio of services related to the development and implementation of microgrids.  Our experience includes supporting utilities with some of the most complex microgrid installations to-date.  As a result, we are equipped to address a wide range of questions and challenges, from big picture considerations such as systematic evaluation of microgrid alternatives versus conventional solutions to detailed technical aspects such as system interaction and protection.  
  • Overview: Re-VAN™ is an outdoor rated product designed to simulate a regenerative Electric Vehicle (EV). RE-VAN ™ is capable of emulating full charging process and simulating EV communications with both CCS1 and CCS2 EV chargers.
  • PROMIS® is a portable energy storage system primarily designed for emergency energy supply to single- and three-phase customers. It is designed for frequent relocation and fast interconnection at a new site using a standard generator terminal box with Cam-lok™ plugs. PROMIS is a clean replacement for emergency (portable) diesel generators. Furthermore, it operates in grid-connected mode for grid support functions. The PROMIS platform is equipped with integrated microgrid technology and an on-board controller that provides comprehensive sets of autonomous controls, optimization schemes, and supervisory capability for ease of remote operator access and integration back to the Dispatch Center for overall grid coordination.​
  •  Our approach for public power is to first scale and align a grid modernization program with the appropriate priorities on individual municipalities.  Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) systems are frequently at the core of grid modernization, including the deployment of smart meters.   Our AMI team has supported municipalities and other public power entities to maximize the benefits of large AMI investments through customized solutions that leverage experience with over 120 AMI deployments worldwide, including wide-ranging IT systems integration projects across multiple platforms and vendors.  Our services range from an initial benefit-cost assessment to strategy and road mapping, procurement services such as RFP development and vendor evaluation, to project support during deployment for technical and non-technical issues. 
  • The integration of energy storage systems (ESS) with new or existing solar PV plants has become increasingly popular in recent years due to the significant benefits as an alternative to gas-fired peaking plants and other applications.  In order to receive, the investment tax credit (ITC) for solar, a BESS must be charged solely from the PV system.  Quanta Technology has developed a data driven approach using best-in-class tools that have been developed specifically to optimize the ratings and DC/AC topology.
  • Mobile energy solutions for enhanced reliability, resiliency, and electrification. A mobile multi-purpose, electric-vehicle (EV) charger and emulator for testing and calibration of dc fast chargers. The solution can also be utilized for emergency charging of EVs. Testing of electric-vehicle chargers both prior to installation and in the field is key in providing reliable charging sessions for the EV owners and supporting the move towards electrification of transportation.

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