• Damir Novosel

  • Margaret Sollod

    Chief Financial Officer
  • Julio Romero Agüero

    Vice President, Strategy & Business Innovation
  • Shay Bahramirad

    Vice President of Climate and Resilience
  • Henry Chao

    Executive Advisor, Vice President, RTO/ISO Markets
  • Mike DeCocco

    Vice President, Human Resources & Safety
  • David Elizondo

    Vice President, Global Business Development & International Operations
  • David Hart

    Vice President, Protection, Control & Automation
  • Farid Katiraei

    Vice President, Advanced Technology Integration
  • Hisham Othman

    Vice President, Transmission & Regulatory
  • Douglas Proudfoot

    Vice President, Advisory Services
  • Carl Wilkins

    Vice President, Distribution
  • Gregg Lemler

    Vice President, Asset Management
  • Saman Alaeddini

    Senior Director Automation & Data Management
  • Ralph Masiello

    Industry Advisor

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