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Quantifying Energy Justice Metrics to Adhere to State Initiatives, Enable Electrification Initiatives, and Meet Energy Justice Goals


Author: Richard Fioravanti


As states strive to decarbonize, clean air, and achieve energy justice metrics, transportation electrification is one of the largest levers states have to achieve these goals. Medium- and heavy-duty (MHD) fleets are often selected as the targets to attain these objectives. In turn, this target challenges utilities seeking to make the investments necessary to accommodate the new load that MHD charging places on the electricity grid. Though leveraging energy justice benefits would be a clear differentiator in the use case justifying grid investments, utilities are currently challenged by the inability to incorporate the societal benefits of emission reductions into that analysis. This whitepaper discusses a solution to this challenge, where the soft benefits of emission reduction are translated into tangible financial metrics that can be incorporated into a standard benefit-to-cost analysis to justify the grid investments.

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