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Reskilling the Utility Workforce


A Review of the Research on Workforce Development and Transformation + Recommendations for Future Efforts

Author: Brad Cawn


Reskilling. Upskilling. Downskilling. It’s no coincidence that the buzzwords around workforce development all contain the word skills, which the World Economic Forum calls the “currency of 21st century.”[1] Whether it’s data analysis and visualization or problem-solving and creativity, the fluidity and asymmetry of work in the coming age of automation will demand a versatile and talented bench of workers who can engage fluently in complex tasks, many of which will be unlike—and even completely unconnected to—their initial training or certification in their respective field. The companies of the future will flexibly select and position talent based on strategy and vision, not role; the worker of the future will need a skill base, that ability to apply know-how and practices in varied settings, that can keep pace.

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