Program Management

Effective program management is essential in achieving the objectives of utility implementation and operations programs. In this regard, Quanta Technology has developed a top tier program management approach that is based on various components.  

Program Management

Effective program management is essential to achieving the objectives of utility implementation and operations programs. In this regard, Quanta Technology has developed a program management approach that is based on the following main components:

  • Through staff augmentation and embedded project managers, a cohesive team can be established that promotes a close working relationship and transfer of knowledge between utility counterpart personnel and the associated members of the project team.
  • Utilization of Quanta Technology’s enhanced process and management tools customized to meet the needs of the client utility.

Quanta Technology can provide support in the areas of staff augmentation, embedded project managers, and utilization of customized processes and tools, all of which are enhanced to meet the specific needs of the utility.

Staff Augmentation

  • We have a vast knowledge base of subject matter experts (SMEs), who can work onsite with utility personnel to promote a transfer of knowledge between the utility counterpart personnel and Quanta Technology SMEs.
  • The utility will be responsible for directing work, with the support and supervision of Quanta Technology management, to assure appropriate support. 
  • On-site experts have independent, objective, and practical advice and solutions.

Embedded Project Managers

  • We can provide on-site embedded project managers to work with utility staff and accomplish project implementation objectives within  schedule and budget.
  • Project staffing with the right skillsets and availability of the staff are two of the primary constraints that a Quanta Technology Project Manager needs to review. The Quanta Technology project manager  toolset provides mechanisms to manage these and other challenges:
    • Risk register-strategies for mitigating risks are based on proven techniques and tools to address budget, schedule, resources, etc., as the need requires.
    • Ability to track labor and other expenses incurred on their projects as often as needed.
    • Capability to compare planned vs. actual expenditures and identify burn rates that are faster or slower than planned.
  • We have an internal “lessons-learned” process that forms part of the project review.

Process and Tool Enhancements

  • Quanta Technology has a project management tool that can be customized to meet the utility client’s needs. Attributes of the tool include tracking and processing charter data such as team, task, schedule, project dashboard, and resource loading.
  • With this tool, the Project Manager can revisit resource availability to identify and resolve conflicts and coordinate with utility management to ensure optimal project staffing and control.




Why Quanta Technology?

Quanta Technology resources provide services unique to the industry and offer value-added services:

  • Trusted advisors with global utility experience.
  • Industry-recognized thought leaders.
  • Engineers and MBAs with the ability to address business and technology strategy, as well as the most specialized issues.
  • Experience spanning the entire lifecycle, from planning to EPC implementation, to asset management and renewal.

Qualified Subject Matter Experts

Quanta Technology SMEs can support a utility in all aspects of emerging technologies, including DER integration, storage, communications, and new technology integration. 

Business areas of support include:

  • Advanced Technology Integration
  • Advisory Services
  • Distribution & Asset Management
  • Protection, Control & Automation
  • Transmission & Regulatory

Case Study: Commonwealth Edison (ComEd)

Quanta Technology has provided staff augmentation, embedded project managers, and process and tool enhancements to support ComEd’s Smart Grid and Emerging Technology group. Support was provided in the areas of microgrids, distribution, and technology laboratory support, as well as DER, storage, and technology roadmaps. Management and support of DOE projects were also performed.

Processes and Tools Crafted for New Technology Integration

Quanta Technology uses a comprehensive project management toolkit to control scope, schedule and budget projects. This toolkit includes processes, procedures, and templates necessary to perform the work according to the project plan. The project management toolkit also allows our Project Manager to track the resources performing the project tasks. Use of the toolkit facilitates managing changes, risks, and issues throughout the full life cycle of the project (award, startup, execution, deliverable review, and closeout). This toolkit is designed as an iterative tool, which allows for continuous updates to the project plan and adjustment of the project controls when needed.

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