Workforce Development

In need of workforce development solutions that can keep pace with transformational changes to your operations and business model? Quanta Technology can help. We design personalized training plans and long-term transformation agendas to reshape how work gets done in your organization.

Transform Through Learning

As new technologies create new opportunities and complexities for managing and modernizing the grid, utility companies need to have a comprehensive strategy for building and sustaining internal technical expertise and operational excellence. Such a strategy must pair knowledge management and workforce development, attending to both programmatic improvement and lasting cultural and organizational change.

Quanta Technology can help. From extracting the know-how of your senior engineers to fostering innovative thinking and problem-solving across engineering teams, we partner with core thought leaders in your organization to develop a systematic approach to the codification, dissemination, and expansion of your company’s core competencies. Whether you need subject matter experts to assist with training engineering staff or a long-term strategy for transforming your workforce, we provide both content and comprehensive change supports that enable learning to stick. More than just organizing learning, Quanta can help you create a learning organization—the kind that can enable employee innovation and new business models.

Service Offerings

Quanta Technology offers two core service lines to support knowledge transfer and management: Training and Transformation.


We provide a range of customized professional development activities—workshops, coursework, technical networks, cohort designs—to meet the learning needs of your personnel. Clients work directly with our subject matter experts and technical coordinators to craft a course of study that aligns with your strategic and/or business goals.

We also offer curriculum and training development services. Our curriculum (re)design process integrates the most up-to-date technical and adult learning practices into your existing training regimen, with particular emphasis on improving on-the-job learning.


Our comprehensive transformation advising service can help you align your work, workplace, and workforce with your organization’s strategic vision. This multi-tiered service addresses the cultural, programmatic, and structural changes needed across your organization to realize your “Utility of the Future” goals.

To facilitate transformation, Quanta partners with your organization every step of the way: from goal-setting, to strategic planning, to launch and support, to evaluation—we’re participants, providers, and thought partners throughout. Key activities of the collaboration include:

  • Envisioning the future of work in your organization
  • A 360-degree review of your existing capacities and capabilities (transformation audit)
  • Reconceptualizing roles, tasks, and learning systems
  • Roadmapping the “journey” to your Utility of the future vision
  • Creating learning pathways to ensure technical personnel can develop key skills and complete critical tasks

Our transformation partnerships are customized to your needs, foci, and timeline; each journey is different. Download our whitepaper to learn more about the process and how this service can support your initiative and organization.

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