Integrated Consulting Solutions


Integrated Consulting Solutions

BRET is a consulting solution that combines workforce, innovation, societal assessment, and support with holistic 360-degree scanning, mapping, and assessment of business, regulatory, engineering, and technology drivers to help enable modernization.

Why Quanta Technology

Quanta Technology’s team of industry-recognized thought leaders brings technical, regulatory, and management capabilities to offer independent, objective, and practical advice, solutions, and support that can help save you time and money on your project. We instigate innovative thinking, anticipate and respond to the needs of the business, approach strategy from multiple dimensions, and analyze emerging technology to determine if it’s a future fit or not. We work with you to accelerate outcomes. Contact us today to learn how we can help.

Business / societal / consumer needs:

  • Identify societal attributes.
  • How may the utilities and society’s technology needs evolve (scenario)?
  • What will be the technology needs of those societies?
  • Identify dominant needs.
  • Policies/politics.
  • Markets.
  • Funding sources.

Capability/technology potential:

  • Determine the potential of known (existing and emerging) technologies, and programs.
  • Determine where clusters of capabilities/applications exist.
  • Valuate and prioritize.

Capability/technology scan:

  • Scan the technology horizon for modernization and innovation possibilities.
  • Road mapping and strategic assessment.
  • Metrics.
  • Business, technology, and regulation assessments, foresight, valuation, and strategy.
  • ROI and benefits/costs.
  • Funding and regulatory levers.
  • Example: IIJA/IRA support.
  • Execution and process improvement.

360 Thinking @ Quanta Technology

Instigate innovative thinking | Anticipate and respond to the needs of the business | Approach strategy from multiple dimensions | Analyze emerging technology – future fit or not

Four Key Paradoxes

Balancing and improving operations with opportunities is critical.

Source: The Industry 4.0 Paradox, Hanley, Daecher, Cotteleer, Holdowsky

Working Together Accelerates Outcomes

How we work together:

  • Collaborating ideation (co-ideation).
  • Discussing different perspectives.
  • Ideating around business enablement.
  • Balancing security and friction.
  • Discussing emerging technologies.
  • Infusing cross-industry learning.

Outcome accelerators:

  • Defined success.
  • What the business is asking from them.
  • What the business and technical goals are.
  • Who the participants and their roles are.
  • What will surprise and delight your customer.
  • Relevant documentation and environment overview.

High Performance Happens by Design, Not by Default

Assess strategy-execution capabilities. Contact us today to discover how we can help.

Why Choose Quanta Technology’s Management Consulting Service Offerings? Our Unique Value Proposition.

Proven business / technology / regulatory / innovation / environmental / workforce / societal / assessment / support.


  • Our team of experts bring technical, regulatory, and management capabilities.
  • A holistic approach that incorporates management and technology.
  • We integrate both broad-based and deep, technical plans.
  • Coherent planning and execution across organization.


  • Cost and time savings.
  • Centrally executed plans.
  • Ongoing support and assessments as needed.


  • Often emphasizes either business/strategy or engineering/technology or regulatory/environmental areas.
  • Disjointed efforts; multiple consultancies.
  • Who integrates and reconciles deliverables?


  • Added effort and expense.
  • Plans that collect dust.
  • Unrealized potential.

If you’re interested in learning more, please contact [email protected] for more information.


  • Trusted advisors and solution providers with global utility experience
  • Industry-recognized thought leaders
  • Engineers, PhDs, and MBAs with the ability to address business and technology strategy, as well as the most specialized issues
  • Experience spanning the entire lifecycle, from planning to EPC implementation to asset management and renewal.


  • Independent, objective, and practical advice and solutions
  • Unique business, regulatory, and technical expertise and best practice know-how
  • Unique SW and HW solutions
  • Staff extension requiring technical skills
  • Testing, commissioning, integration, and post-installation evaluations of technologies via Sustainable Technology Integration Labs (QT-STIL).

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