Developers and IPPs

Quanta Technology offers a range of services to developers and independent power producers (IPPs) ranging from economic analysis to technology selection to process support. Our team combines industry-leading technical expertise and business acumen enabling us to provide solutions that are not only technically robust but also practical to implement. Our approach is to create and leverage best-in-class software tools and processes to support our clients and long-term partners in solving the toughest challenges facing the industry today.   

  • Quanta Technology uses a variety of economic planning tools (e.g., GridView, PROMOD, GE-Maps) to perform market power simulations to evaluate and justify transmission and generation expansion projects, asset valuation of existing and new transmission and generation assets, plant siting, and power transaction valuation. We have developed proprietary software tools to efficiently analyze the shifting economics of generation technologies and fuels, the intermittency of renewable resources, and the behavior and effects of energy storage, all of which have a profound impact on.
  • Competitive procurements of regional transmission systems, according to FERC Order 1000, address grid reliability, market efficiency, or public policy directives. Our experts have built productivity tools to rapidly analyze the system, systematically propose and screen a large number of traditional and non-wire solution alternatives, provide project cost estimates, conduct benefit-cost analysis, and assist with the application preparation.
  • Quanta Technology assists developers with a range of services related to the siting and interconnection of renewable and storage resources and bankability studies. Quanta engineers develop grid interconnection heat maps of large geographies to guide the development effort near POIs with minimal grid upgrade requirements. For specific projects, our services include conducting interconnection impact studies according to the transmission owner’s standards, building and validating dynamic inverter models, conducting economic studies, optimizing the mix of Ac and DC coupled energy storage, and compiling and submitting interconnection application forms, and supporting the review of the interconnection study results. For large development projects that respond to public policy initiatives, our advisors will review and respond to stakeholder comments and will prepare and provide testimonies.

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