Automated Coordination and Compliance Analysis

Quanta Technology has developed a proprietary software platform, The CORE™ System Analyzer, that can significantly reduce costs and improve the quality and efficiency of protection studies for sensitivity, coordination, wide-area coordination, and regulatory compliance through automation.  The CORE™ System Analyzer tool utilizes raw data from standard software packages such as CAPE and ASPEN, providing a customizable report that summarizes the issues.  Quanta Technology conducts studies on behalf of utilities as a service and we also license the tool to our client partners.  

Automated Protection Model

Automated Data Import (ADI)

The CORE® Automated Data Import module is Quanta Technology’s solution for modeling and maintaining protection representation in short-circuit platforms. Compatible with major industry-standard database repository and short-circuit platforms, the ADI module serves as a bridge between the protection settings and the simulation-ready models.

Automation and Process Integration

The ADI module leverages automation and data transformation techniques to streamline the information gathering and settings interpretation process.

  • Settings files are automatically extracted from the repository according to preferred statuses.
  • Tripping elements are automatically identified within the files and settings determined for applicable functions.
  • Simulation-ready protection representation is created in the short-circuit model according to the enabled functions and their settings.

See ADI in use with industry-standard repository and simulation platforms:


Gateway to Simulations for Advanced Protection Performance Studies

The CORE® ADI module solves the challenge of creating and maintaining simulation-ready protection representation in short-circuit models. This capability opens the doors to utilization of these models for advanced protection performance studies, which are all dependent on having accurate and up-to-date protection available.

Potential protection performance assessment capabilities unlocked by ADI include:

  • Sensitivity evaluations of the suitability of protection settings for the equipment (line or transformer) they are protecting. Criteria for sensitivity assessment are typically based on protection philosophy and industry best practices for specific protection functions.
  • Wide-Area Protection Coordination (WAPC) evaluations to determine if protection relays are coordinated under different fault situations and system conditions. The leveraging of automation can even make feasible the systemic evaluation of protection relay coordination across the entire (or large area of) the transmission network.
  • Compliance evaluation regulatory requirements such as NERC standards: relay loadability (PRC-023), operation under stable power swings (PRC-026), and coordination of protection systems (PRC-027).

Customized to Meet Your Requirements

Quanta Technology believes in providing solutions that directly align with customer needs and, therefore allows for configuration of the CORE® ADI module accommodate customers’ specific internal processes and conventions.


ADI is a module within the CORE® (Compliance, Operations, Reliability, Engineering) Suite of automation tools. CORE® is Quanta Technology’s platform for automation-based solutions to address data, simulation, evaluation, digital transformation, and reporting needs.

Modules within CORE® can access the same libraries of protection logic functions, such as the Relay Catalog that enables interpretation of device configurations. The CORE® platform enables seamless sharing of data and integration of processes across modules and applications.

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