IEEE PES General Meeting 2021

Presentations: Transmission Planning for Offshore Wind Session Track: Resource and Transmission for Future Power System Monday, July 26, 2021  12:00 PM -  12:00 PM 21PESGM2638-TBD David Elizondo; Quanta Enabling Technologies for Data Analytics in Wide Area Monitoring Protective and Control Systems Monday, July 26, 2021  12:00 PM -  12:00 PM 21PESGM2951-Applications and Benefits of Data Analytics in Wide Area Monitoring, Protection, and Control Richard Hunt; Quanta Technology Distribution System Planning & Operation Monday, July 26, 2021  12:00 PM -  12:00 PM 21PESGM2192-Agent-Based Modeling of Feeder-Level Electric Vehicle Diffusion for Distribution Planning Lisha Sun; Quanta Technology Young Professional Panel Session Monday, July 26, 2021  12:00 PM -  9:45 PM 21PESGM2936-Young Professionals and the Power Systems of the Future Julio Romero Aguero; Quanta Technology Energy Storage Grid Integration Monday, July 26, 2021  6:00 PM -  8:00 PM 21PESGM2364-Energy Storage and Non-Wire Alternative Planning Richard Fioravanti; Quanta Technology Key Success Factors for Green, Resilient, and Affordable Electrical Energy Delivery Tuesday, July 27, 2021 | 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM- Damir Novosel, Quanta-Technology. Late Breaking News - Resilience Framework, Methods, and Metrics for the Electricity Sector Tuesday, July 27, 2021  10:00 AM -  12:00 PM Session Chair 1: Shay Bahramirad Quanta Technology   The Power & Energy Industry Wednesday, July 28, 2021 | 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM Shay Bahramirad, Quanta Technology.   Eugene Litvinov Tribute Wednesday, July 28, 2021  8:00 AM -  10:00 AM Damir Novosel; Quanta-Technology 21PESGM2595-Eugene Litvinov Tribute   Vision for the Future Grid: Industry Perspective Wednesday, July 28, 2021  10:00 AM -  12:00 PM 21PESGM2871-Vision for the Future Grid: Industry Perspective David Elizondo; Quanta Technology    

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Colorado Springs Utilities looking to boost resiliency through microgrids via @csgazette

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Preliminary Root Cause Analysis of the mid-August heat wave and rotating power outages has now been posted. The analysis outlines causes and recommendations for action. Read the news release here:

The first @Tesla Megapacks installed at PG&E’s Moss Landing substation. Once operational (targeting 2Q 2021) this 182.5MW battery #energystorage system will be one of the largest utility-owned, lithium-ion battery energy storage systems in the world. 🔋

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