PRC-027 is a NERC protection reliability standard intended to maintain the coordination of protection systems installed to detect and isolate faults on the bulk electric system (BES). Quanta Technology offers solutions for all aspects of this standard, from assessing and establishing processes to performing comprehensive large-scale coordination studies across any scope. Our experts lead the industry in innovative approaches and tools to efficiently and feasibly meet the challenging compliance requirements of the PRC-027 standard.

NERC PRC-027 Compliance Standard

The PRC-027 standard broadly consists of three main requirements:

  • Requirement R1: Establish a process for developing new and revised protection system settings for BES elements such that the protection systems operate in the intended sequence during faults.
  • Requirement R2: Conduct periodic protection system coordination studies for an equipment scope determined through one of the options described in the standards.
  • Requirement R3: Utilize the process established in the first requirement point to develop protection system settings.

Quanta Technology can help utilities meet any of these requirements, from assessment of existing processes to establishment or development of new ones as per the standard’s requirements. In addition to our extensive experience in protection modeling and performing wide-area protection coordination studies, our experts can provide solutions for often-overlooked aspects like compliance status tracking, data management, and proof-of-compliance documentation.

Requirement R2: Coordination Studies

Requirement R2 is the primary actionable component of the compliance standard, calling for the periodic review of protection system coordination according to a scope defined by options stated in the standard. Although the coordination studies themselves usually take center stage in consideration of meeting Requirement R2, tracking baselines (if that option is selected), determining scope, evaluating the process, and providing proof-of-compliance documentation are equally critical aspects in demonstrating compliance with the standard. Quanta Technology offers comprehensive solutions that address all these needs, leveraging automation and simulation approaches to enable compliance across any size of scope and system.

The CORE® PRC-027 module provides tracking and baseline comparison capabilities to determine the scope of equipment that requires coordination studies. Following the coordination studies themselves, this module can generate the documentation that services as proof of compliance with the standard.  The CORE® Wide-Area Protection Coordination module interacts with industry-standard simulation platforms to perform comprehensive coordination studies that can consider different system events and system contingencies. Together, both modules work in concert to provide utilities with a scalable solution for Requirement R2 that leverages automation to meet the needs of any size of system.

See the CORE® PRC-027 module in use with industry-standard simulation platforms:


Sensitivity and Coordination are modules within the CORE® (Compliance, Operations, Reliability, Engineering) Suite of automation tools. CORE® is Quanta Technology’s platform for automation-based solutions to address data, simulation, evaluation, digital transformation, and reporting needs.

Modules within CORE® can access the same libraries of protection logic functions, such as the relay catalog that enables interpretation of device configurations. The CORE® platform enables seamless sharing of data and integration of processes across modules and applications.

Customized to Meet Your Requirements

Quanta Technology believes in providing solutions that directly align with customer needs and therefore allows for configuration of the CORE® PRC-027 and Coordination modules to accommodate customers’ specific internal processes and conventions.

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