Merchant Transmission

Competitive procurements of regional transmission systems, according to FERC Order 1000, address grid reliability, market efficiency, or public policy directives.  Our experts have built productivity tools to rapidly analyze the system, systematically propose and screen a large number of traditional and non-wire solution alternatives, provide project cost estimates, conduct benefit-cost analysis, and assist with the application preparation. 

Beyond Smart

There is more to market intelligence than simply knowing what’s happening. And while being aware of the latest legislation, regulation, policy, or trend is paramount to building effective business strategies, understanding what these developments mean can be the difference between leading, following, or being left behind.

Service Offering(s)

Working closely with your business, Quanta Technology’s Energy Market Intelligence Services (EMIS) can monitor regional markets and follow regional policy developments to gather market intelligence and interpret this intelligence to identify potential threats to and opportunities for your business. Our SMEs focus on developments in transmission, distribution, asset management, and operations in regulatory bodies such as FERC, NERC, and State agencies, as well as professional engineering societies such as IEEE and CIGRE – including major developers and utilities – to interpret new developments and report creative solutions that could affect your business.

Our SMEs will also engage with your executive strategy team on a weekly basis, challenging current thinking in light of new intelligence. This can lead to improved short- and long-term strategies, as well as being prepared for new business opportunities.

Why Quanta Technology

Our EMIS team is made up of industry experts with no less than 20 years of experience in the electric power industry (their average experience is 32.5 years). This experience allows the Quanta Technology EMIS team to take a basic piece of intelligence (e.g., mandated rooftop solar in California) and extrapolate the many possible impacts on the industry – and on your business.

Product Details

Our SMEs organize their monthly data into tables that include Key Intelligence Topics, Item of Interest, Discussions, and Key Takeaways that are relevant to your business. These tables often include hyperlinks to relevant source information and actions for further investigation.


Product Examples

(Key Takeaways column omitted here for the purpose of client confidentiality.)


In addition to the Key Intelligence items, a list of Other Developments is included to keep you informed of other issues that may develop into key issues in future.


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