Smart Meters and AMI Deployment Support

Our approach for public power is to first scale and align a grid modernization program with the appropriate priorities on individual municipalities.  Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) systems are frequently at the core of grid modernization, including the deployment of smart meters.   Our AMI consulting team has supported municipalities and other public power entities to maximize the benefits of large AMI investments through customized solutions that leverage experience with over 120 AMI deployments worldwide, including wide-ranging IT systems integration projects across multiple platforms and vendors.  Our AMI consulting solutions range from an initial benefit-cost assessment to strategy and road mapping, procurement services such as RFP development and vendor evaluation, to project support during deployment for technical and non-technical issues. 

Smart Meter/AMI Strategy

Working with Clients to Define and Implement Their AMI Goals

Grid modernization often includes the deployment of smart meters as part of an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system. An AMI system offers many benefits to the utility as well as to the customer.

Quanta Technology can tailor an approach to best meet a utility’s grid modernization needs, based on our extensive experience and lessons learned. Our engineers have supported over 120 AMI deployments worldwide, as well as wide-ranging IT systems integration projects across multiple platforms and vendors. We believe success in such projects is built around IT, operations processes, and personnel. Based on our years of AMI consulting experience, key factors for a successful AMI deployment include the following:

  • Clear understanding of the objectives of the AMI deployment (use cases)
  • Prioritization of AMI smart grid features/functions
  • Available future functionality
  • Proper integration with legacy systems (if possible)
  • Prepared staff and best use of in-house versus outsourced (hosted AMI) resources
  • Customized and detailed request for proposal (RFP) specification that covers the client’s priorities and needs
  • Community engagement throughout the entire process


AMI Consulting Service Offerings

  • Assist utilities in developing a benefit-cost analysis and grid strategy based on AMI.
  • Serve as a consultant on key technical and non‐technical matters to assist in making decisions related to the AMI specifications consistent with smart-grid strategy.
  • Provide detailed technical advisory services in support of the RFPs to procure the AMI vendor or vendors.
  • Lead the AMI vendor selection process.
  • Negotiate contracts with selected vendor or vendors.
  • Serve in a Project Manager role to assist utilities in tracking the project deployment schedule and costs and work with the AMI vendor(s) to resolve technical and non‐technical issues encountered during deployment.

ami smart meter

Customer Testimonial

“Like most small cities that operate utilities, Newberry’s elected officials are very much in tune with the sentiments of our customer base. Our staff presented the concept of automated metering infrastructure (AMI) to our City Commission as a means to address some deficiencies in meter reading. The City Commission quickly realized the value in providing daily and hourly utility consumption data to our customers, and the opportunities it would provide in making decisions related to utility consumption.”

Mike New | City Manager

Newberry Florida

Why Quanta Technology?

Our vast experience with AMI has resulted in a number of lessons learned:

  • Detailed industry knowledge is must
  • Scope management and prioritization will win
    the day
  • Have a pragmatic approach
  • Specify well-defined pilots and/or testbeds
  • Develop local buy-in
  • Details matter (e.g., firmware and software upgrade plans, etc.)

Quanta Technology has the expertise to support utilities in achieving their individual goals and successfully integrating an AMI system into the utility  processes.

Customer Testimonial

ami deployment

“The City of Clewiston had been interested in updating its utility metering with an AMI system for some time to modernize our utility operations. Through Florida Municipal Power Association (FMPA), we were introduced to Quanta Technology who has been a very valuable resource to help the City navigate the complexities and cost associated with the a procurement of this nature.  Quanta’s expertise and their professionalism has been extremely valuable in assisting Clewiston in the process. I am glad they will continue to be working closely with our team on the deployment of the much anticipated AMI system in our community.”

 Randy Martin | City Manager City of Clewiston

Deployment Goals

It is important to start with well-defined  objectives for the AMI deployment (use cases), such as a high-level hierarchy based on stakeholder goals and needs (see pyramid to the left).

It is critical that the foundational layers can support the upper layers – examples being pre-pay, load control, etc.

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