Evaluation and Impact of DER

Proliferation of distributed energy resources (DER) presents new challenges for our municipal and COOP client base. Our advisors at Quanta Technology can support your organization with tools and expertise to evaluate potential impacts of DER from planned community-based programs or study the effects of existing or expanding DER programs. We seek to form long lasting partnerships with our clients as we take on the toughest challenges facing the industry today. 

  • Distributed Energy Resource Management Systems (DERMS) reside at the core of Grid Modernization strategy as DER impacts almost all facets of distribution planning and operations. Quanta Technology has over a decade of experience supporting utilities to navigate this evolution.  We have assembled a team of industry experts and thought leaders equipped to help utilities plan, justify, select, and integrate DERMS solutions to be scalable and expandable as integration of DER penetration increases and technology evolves.  In addition, our capabilities include not only front-end services but also support the implementation, operations and maintenance of DERMS. 
  • Distributed Energy Resources (DER) have proliferated in recent years, and the collective impacts of high levels of DER are known for a profound effect on system protection. Quanta Technology performs studies to assess the impact on system protection as short-circuit levels vary under different scenarios of DER penetration and production levels.
    Quanta Special Studies DER Modeling
  • Quanta Technology understands the challenges of operating a safe and reliable electric grid, and realizes that due to the proliferation of distributed energy resources, such as solar PV and battery energy storage there may be unintended consequences resulting from the time-varying impacts of these technologies. Using our experience and expertise in this area, we can analyze the grid using computational models to look at steady and transient impacts from all the devices connected to the grid. This includes protection analysis that looks closely at frequency and voltage ride through, assessing the impact of islanding conditions on protection systems and DG operation, evaluating the severity of Temporary Over Voltages (TOV), and studying how sudden connection / disconnection of DG plants affect T&D system operation and protection systems.
  • Quanta Technology’s team of experts and protection engineers have extensive experience working with transmission and distribution relay settings calculations, providing protection settings support to utility customers by performing fault studies using industry-standard software (ASPEN, CAPE, CYME, etc.) to develop settings based on our clients’ protection philosophies. We also perform third-party peer reviews on settings work performed by other entities. Additionally, we have expertise with applications such as Distributed Energy Resources (DER), series compensated lines, and other technically challenging topics.

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