Our advisors at Quanta Technology can support your organization with a wide range of solutions for complianceOur advisors at Quanta Technology can provide your organization with tools and expertise to ensure compliance with related regulatory criteria including NERC and other regulatory authorities. We seek to form long lasting partnerships with our clients as we take on the toughest challenges facing the industry today. 

  • Quanta Technology conducts compliance studies for NERC Protection Reliability Standards (such as CIP-10, PRC-023, and PRC-027), covering a full range of offerings to assist utilities in meeting PRC requirements from start to finish, for any size transmission network.  For larger projects, our suite of automation-based solutions interface seamlessly with other protection software such as CAPE and ASPEN, including Primary and Protection Model Setup and Validation. Our software tools may be applied as a complete integrated process or used in part to support existing compliance programs.    
  • Emerging technologies can offer an impressive level of control and monitoring detail on the performance and operating characteristic of a power system. Although this represents a significant opportunity for advanced system operation functions, the volume of potential data can pose challenges in its utilization and management. Quanta Technology's industry and technical experts can assist with these efforts, providing practical expertise on the optimal way to utilize and manage the data to achieve customer goals. Our unique approach, combining technical expertise with process and software tool development capabilities offer our customers a complete solution to data management and utilization. 
  • Quanta Technology offers unmatched expertise in the representation and model development of protective devices in a wide range of industry-standard software packages. Our extensive industry experience enables our experts to provide best-practice advice and support in all aspects of protection modeling, including conception, implementation, maintenance, and actual simulation studies. We have created these capabilities in consideration of the greater demands being placed on Protection Engineering departments to meet the technological and regulatory challenges of the future, in an ever-changing power systems industry. The availability and increasing capabilities of software simulations represent significant opportunities to assist engineers in the development and performance evaluation of critical protection devices.
  • Quanta Technology has -industry-recognized experts working with utilities to revise their protection-related processes. Examples include: review or consolidation of protection philosophy, creation of templates, automation of tasks using CAPE macros or ASPEN scripts, and definition of new processes such as PRC-027 compliance.

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