Vice President, Global Business Development

David Elizondo

David Elizondo, PhD, Vice President, Global Business Development & International Operations, has more than 25 years of electric power systems experience. Dr. Elizondo has a broad range of experience in electric power transmission and distribution which includes: extensive experience in power system analysis and simulations such as load flow, short circuit, transient angular stability, contingency analysis, transient voltage stability, and reactive power compensation. Dr. Elizondo has recent experience with the integration of renewable energy into the electric power system and has extensive utility-based project experience with key analysis tools such as PSS/E, PSLF, Power Factory, Power World and ETMSP. Dr. Elizondo works in the transmission team within Quanta Technology and is responsible of managing and conducting studies for interconnections of diverse types of generation into the electric power grid.

Prior to joining Quanta Technology, Dr. Elizondo worked as an independent consultant in Mexico and directed the business development efforts for the electric utility, equipment manufacturers, and industrial markets. Dr. Elizondo worked for KEMA Inc and participated in more than 13 electrical studies. Prior to that, Dr. Elizondo worked for ABB in different areas of Transmission and Distribution of electrical energy. Other experience includes design and evaluation of protection and control of power systems and equipment; forensic analysis of wide area disturbances in power systems; design and specification of high voltage equipment; and conceptual designs for high voltage substations.

Dr. Elizondo earned his Masters and PhD degrees in Electrical Engineering at Virginia Tech and his Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Bachelor degree from the ITESM in Mexico. He is member of the IEEE and a reviewer of IEEE transactions in Power Electronics. Dr. Elizondo has participated in numerous conferences which started with papers related to his MS and PhD research work. Dr. Elizondo research work has been referred by recognized industry experts and IEEE fellows. Dr. Elizondo is active presenting papers and talking in industry leading panels about diverse topics throughout the American continent.

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