Damir Novosel

Damir is president and founder of Quanta Technology. Halso served as president of Quanta Energized Services that achieved perfect safety record. Previously, he was vice president of ABB Automation Products and president of KEMA T&D US.  

Dr. Novosel is elected to National Academy of Engineers in 2014 and served as President of the IEEE Power and Energy Society. He is also a member of the CIGRE US National Committee and received the CIGRE Attwood Associate and Distinguished Service awards.  He is presently member of the IEEE Standards Board and chairs IEEE Industry Technical Support Leadership CommitteeHe holds 17 US and international patents. 

Damir Novosel, IEEE Fellow, holds PhD degree in electrical engineering from Mississippi State Universitywhere he was a Fulbright scholar and was selected Mississippi State University Distinguished Engineering Fellow. 

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