NERC Compliance​

NERC reliability standards require careful monitoring to effectively manage system risk and mitigate corporate exposure.  The standards have come into force over several years and have changed over time.  NERC standards now cover several areas including Protection Relay and Control (PRC), Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP), Transmission Planning (TPL), System Modelling (MOD) and Facilities Design, Connection and Maintenance (FAC).  Quanta Technology is at the forefront of supporting customers with their NERC compliance requirements.

NERC Compliance

Mock Audits – Analytical Studies – RSAW Preparations

The scope of NERC reliability standards is witnessing ongoing changes in several areas including Protection Relay and Control (PRC), Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP), Transmission Planning (TPL), System Modelling (MOD), and Facilities Design, Connection and Maintenance (FAC). These continually evolving regulatory standards require careful monitoring to effectively manage system risk and mitigate corporate exposure.

Quanta Technology has been at the forefront of supporting customers with their compliance requirements. Our services cover a broad spectrum of offerings including:

  • Technical evaluations and analytical studies
  • Gap analysis, mock audits and training
  • RSAW preparation (review, re-write, or creation)

The technical evaluations and analytical studies include TPL 001-4, CIP-014-2, MOD -26, MOD-27, MOD-32, and TPL-007-1&2 standards. Leveraging our experience and expertise with common industry tools – GE PSLF, PTI PSS/E, Power World, Power Gem TARA, and Power Tech’s DSA tools, we have developed significant automation and post-processing capabilities that complement the analysis. Our post processing suite of applications are flexible and compatible with any utility’s standardized templates. The automation enables steady-state contingency screening, impact analysis, and fast fault screening mechanisms that ensure all critical violations are captured and addressed. 


Service Offerings

TPL 001-4​

  • Base case development including dynamics package.
  • Corrective action plans.
  • Long-term mitigation strategies.​
  • Remedial action scheme designs.
  • Stability simulations.
  • Support presentation of findings at ISO stakeholder meetings.

TPL 007-1&2

  • Annual GMD base case development.
  • Data coordination with transmission and generation owners.
  • Geomagnetic disturbance studies.

CIP 014 R1

  • Comprehensive implementation plan.
  • Screening of applicable substations.
  • Initial risk assessment.
  • Subsequent risk assessments of transmission stations and substations.
  • Detailed steady-state and stability simulations to categorize substations that could results in instability, uncontrolled separation, or cascading in the event of a physical attack.​
  • Characterization of generation and load loss into consequential and non-consequential impacts.

Why Quanta Technology?

Quanta Technology has supported numerous clients with their regulatory compliance requirements. This includes gap analysis to review client’s compliance documents and procedures to identify gaps with respect to complying with NERC and Regional Entity Reliability Standards. We also assist clients in either reviewing prepared RSAW write-ups and providing recommendations for improvement or creating prepared RSAWs based on information and evidence provided by the client. Additionally, our team conducts the necessary technical studies to assure compliance with standards and identify mitigations and remedial actions.​

Robust Solutions

We have assembled an impressive team of industry experts in the areas of regulatory compliance, critical infrastructure protection, and smart grid cybersecurity. Our team of seasoned professionals offer outstanding credentials and are among the most experienced in the industry. Quanta Technology has conducted dozens of risk and compliance assessments and has developed a disciplined and repeatable process that is flexible and adaptive to your individual needs and the maturity of your compliance program.

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