Studies and Reports

Date Title Forum Summary Download
2019-01-012019 Energy Storage Planning To Support BAINBRIDGE ISLAND Authors: Abhishek Thurumalla and Hisham Othman Feasibility investigation for Puget Sound Energy (PSE) for design of an optimized energy storage solution to resolve three areas of known grid constraints in the Kitsap Peninsula, at the lowest cost. The three areas include Seabeck area, Bainbridge Island, and rest of Kitsap Peninsula. Download
2019-01-012019 Review of ATC Proposed 15947 Waupaca Area Storage as a TransmissionOnly Asset (SATOA) Project MISO Presentation of technical review results of ATC proposed project 15947 SATOA and alternatives. Download
2017-12-31December 31, 2017 Integration of Customer Systems into Electric Utility Infrastructure (EPIC Project 2P5) San Diego Gas & Electric Company The primary objective of EPIC-2, Project 5 was to investigate and address the evolving gateway between customers and utilities to facilitate increase in reliable deployment of clean energy technologies to support distribution systems. More specifically, the project focus was on performing pre-commercial demonstration of advanced monitoring schemes, root-cause analysis tools, and assessment methodologies for safe and reliable integration and interoperability of customer systems with the distribution system to improve power system operations and thereby increase ratepayer satisfaction and benefits. Download
2017-12-31December 31, 2017 Pre-Commercial Demonstration of Methodologies and Tools for Energy Storage Integration into Smart Distribution Circuits (EPIC-1, Project 5, Module 2) Electric Program Investment Charge (EPIC): San Diego Gas & Electric Company The objective of EPIC-1, Project 5 was to perform pilot demonstrations of smart distribution circuit features and associated simulation work to identify best practices for integrating new and existing distribution equipment in these circuits. Energy storage systems are key components of smart distribution circuits with variety of applications that can enhance performance and provide superior value proposition in future distribution circuits. Download

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