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Date Title Forum Summary Download
2007-01-012007 Aging Power Delivery Infrastructures (Plant Engineering Series) Author: Lee Willis A book written by Lee Willis. Download
2006-01-012006 Understanding Electric Utilities and De-Regulation (Power Engineering Willis) Author: Lee Willis Power interruptions of the scale of the North American Blackout of 2003 are rare, but they still loom as a possibility. Will the aging infrastructure fail because deregulated monopolies have no financial incentives to upgrade? Is centralized planning becoming subordinate to market forces? Understanding Electric Utilities and De-Regulation, Second Edition provides an updated, non-technical description that sheds light on the nature of the industry and the issues involved in its transition away from a regulated environment. Download
2020-01-012020 Ambitious Instruction: Teaching With Rigor in the Secondary Classroom Author: Brad Cawn In Ambitious Instruction, author Brad Cawn offers a blueprint for how to make rigor visible, accessible, and actionable in grade 6-12 classrooms. Learn how to leverage inquiry, problem-based learning, and interactive argumentation to significantly strengthen students ability to read, write, and think within and across disciplines. Download
2022-06-176/17/2022 Energy Storage Applications in Transmission and Distribution Grids Author: Hisham Othman The application of energy storage within transmission and distribution grids as non-wire alternative solutions (NWS) is hindered by the lack of readily available analysis tools, standardized planning processes, and practical know-how. This Element provides a theoretical basis along with examples and real-world case studies to guide grid planners in the siting, sizing, and lifetime techno-economic evaluation of storage systems. Many applications are illustrated including feeder peak shaving, feeder reliability improvements, transmission reliability, transmission congestion relief, and renewable integration. Three case studies, based on the author's consulting experience, illustrate the versatility of the analysis methods and provide a guide to grid planners while tackling real world problems. Download

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