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    Advanced Data Analytics for the Modern Power System, part 1

    For the electric utility industry, data analytics is a subject of considerable promise but one where the number of possible applications makes it difficult to define a strategy, develop data science initiatives and cultivate a data-driven culture.  Given the amount of available data in a utility environment, the potential to realize meaningful business insights and improvements abounds. The challenge is to bridge utility operations (where benefits can be realized) with data science platforms.

  • Granular T&D Topology

    Granular T&D Topology Identification

    Bryce Johanneck

    Principal Consultant, Advisory Services

    Due to circumstances that are well understood and accepted, we’re amid the greatest transition and arguably the largest and most complex machine the world has ever experienced. As we continue to deploy variable generation at increasingly distributed locations while simultaneously electrifying new end uses, there’s a growing need to focus on granular visibility and control of our Transmission and Distribution infrastructure.

  • Managing Utility Change and Transformation

    Managing Utility Change and Transformation During the Next Wave of Technological and Social Transformation

    Brad Cawn
    Senior Advisor and Practice Lead, Knowledge Transfer
    By the time of the COVID-19 pandemic and economic recession in the spring of 2020, those of us in the utility sector could be considered “old pros” at navigating change and uncertainty. More technological, operational, and personnel changes have occurred in the industry over the last 10 years than the previous 50 combined. While other industries are now transitioning to the future in terms of who their workers will be and what they will be doing, the utility sector finds itself in an ideal position when it comes to its labor force. It is essential and relatively stable.

  • Looking Back and Looking Forward

    H. Lee Willis

    Senior Vice President Emeritus, Quanta Technology 

    I began my career in 1968. As I look back on more than half a century in the power industry, there are three major long-term trends that stand out as the most significant. They played out over the last fifty-plus years and will all continue for decades to come.  

  • COVID-19 | Quanta Technology Is Open For Business

    With so much at stake during the COVID-19 pandemic, we remain committed to serving the electric power industry, and we are open for business. 

    The life-threatening and highly transmissible COVID-19 disease has brought on new challenges never seen in modern times. Governments around the world are working to minimize the disease’s impact, while at the same time, rushing to identify and deploy effective treatments. We recognize that these lifesaving efforts are only possible with reliable electric power.  

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