Investment Planning Management Services

The increasing demand of meeting customer needs and upgrading utility infrastructure calls for building the capabilities to invest and work smarter. Quanta Technology’s Investment Planning Management Services can drive improvements in people, processes, and tools across a utility to optimize investments and save time and money for clients.


Our capability building services offer strategies, tactical plans, and implementation support to improve all aspects of the investment to capital execution process, which may include the following steps: project development, investment planning, work planning, and project execution support.

Key capabilities an organization may want to enhance are its ability to build and maintain a 10-year strategic plan, a five-year financial plan, and a three-year executable plan.

Driving towards improved scope definition for projects in an investment plan will help optimize investments while strengthened governance and oversight of the portfolio of investments can reduce unnecessary churn. Furthermore, IPMS can establishing new ways in which to assess the executability of a work plan by evaluating operational constraints, schedule compression, and work readiness. Finally, leveraging technology to refine resource allocation, work progression reporting, and quality management can support successful work execution.



IPMS offers services to support the development and execution of an investment plan including a well-tested prioritization model and optimization tool, process design, process mapping, workforce strategy and analytics, resource allocation, reporting, and change management in a collaborative approach through interviews, workshops, and the co-development of solutions to ensure best outcomes.

Key Service Offerings

  • A prioritization tool and process to manage and optimize financial resources to achieve organizational goals.
  • A resource and financially balanced plan that meets appropriate tolerance of executability criteria.
  • An analysis of workload and productivity with internal workforce recommendations (e.g. training, hiring, knowledge transfer).
  • The development of a resource strategy such as internal or external contract decisions informed by key project attributes including complexity, capacity, and experience.
  • The development of governance structures for improved portfolio and project management.


Core Services Offered Available to be Integrated into Your Existing Investment to Execution Process

IPMS Core Services

Prioritization Tool and Process – Formulating an Investment Planning Process

The team takes a systematic approach to managing and optimizing financial resources to achieve organizational goals. This involves setting investment objectives, selecting appropriate investment vehicles, and monitoring and adjusting investment over time.

Quanta Technology's Investment Planning Process
Quanta Technology’s Investment Planning Process

An Example of Phased Implementation for Organizational Capability Development

Example of Phased Implementation for Organizational Capability Development

Ensure Successful Investments in your Assets with our Comprehensive Program

By partnering with us, you can rest assured that you will have an optimized investment plan that is executable, with an organization ready to deliver on its execution. With our program’s insights and recommendations, you will be equipped to safeguard your investment, protect your valuable assets, and propel your organization towards continued success. Embrace our program and empower your organization with the excellence it deserves. Contact us today to get started.

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