Advanced Grid Infrastructure (AGI)

Modernizing the grid with AGI.

How Utilities are using AGI to improve grid reliability, resiliency, and sustainability.

AMI systems should capitalize on investment as a building block to support AGI, which leverages all intelligent grid devices/sensors onto a cohesive network to provide a management system that improves utility operations and increases their ROI – industry thought leadership.

Advanced Grid Infrastructure (AGI)

AGI enables many advanced applications and capabilities.

AGI enables many advanced applications and capabilities needed for a successful modernization program. These benefits or use cases cannot be achieved by merely installing the network and meters. Many will require integration with ADMS or other software solutions that allow the data to be analyzed, visualized, and paired with other data.

Quanta Technology accomplishes this by:

Developing analytics specific to the enhanced data capability of AMI meters (generations 1.0 and 2.0) that are grid centric for improved utility operation:

  • SAIDI/SAIFI analysis based on outage information.
  • System modeling (e.g., meter-to-transformer mapping, load balancing).
  • Power flow management at the individual premise level for grid stability.
  • Niche application that are individual utility specific – custom development.

Consulting services for:

  • Grid modernization roadmaps and defining programs that implement AGI offerings.
  • Leveraging new AMI 2.0-meter functionality – grid-edge distributed intelligence.
  • Assessing vendor technologies and supporting pilots, trials, and deployments.
  • Business process assessments and transformations to support new technologies.
  • Assisting with IIJA/IRA Grant Assistance to secure funding to help implement programs.

Why Quanta Technology?

A successful AGI implementation involves so much more than automated meter reading. An experienced consultant can help you aggregate all of the benefits of AMI to meet your strategic goals.

For more than 15 years, Quanta Technology has provided experienced consulting services to utilities and municipalities throughout the United States and worldwide. Contact us today to learn how we can help.


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