Our advisors at Quanta Technology can support your organization with selected services to support leadership and management initiatives. Our team in this area is led by non-technical subject matter experts who are in-turn supported by industry-leading technical expertise enabling us to provide solutions that are not only technically robust but also practical to implement. We seek to form long lasting partnerships with our clients as we take on the toughest challenges facing the industry today. 

  • As an OSIsoft® PI System™ Integrator Partner, our capabilities extend from assisting with the initial justification and business case to overseeing all relevant technical activities (e.g., system architecture, detailed design, and deployment) to providing guidance on change management, process optimization, and user training – all based on years of experience and lessons learned in the deployment and utilization of the OSIsoft® PI System™ at numerous major North American utilities.
  • Our team members have extensive domain knowledge and a relevant track record in various aspects of this study: regulatory/market rules, business practices, standards and protocols, technology, architecture design, and cost assessment. Quanta’s comprehensive approach and understanding of the “big picture” makes Quanta’s offering distinct from other firms. Unlike management consultants, Quanta performs detailed model-based engineering analyses which enables our studies to be more practical and feel “more real.”
  • Quanta Technology can design knowledge management supports personalized to individual teams or roles, and also create long-term transformation agendas to reshape how work gets done in your organization.
  • Effective program management is essential in achieving the objectives of utility implementation and operations programs. In this regard, Quanta Technology has developed a top tier program management approach that is based on various components.

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