Webinar: Energy Storage Best Practices: Planning and Design

Quanta Technology is pleased to offer registration for our knowledge sharing webinar, Energy Storage Best Practices: Planning and Design. The topics being covered in this session are applications, siting, sizing, cost-benefit, and validation. Our panelists for this session are Dr. Hisham Othman & Dr. Ralph Masiello. 

Webinar: Cost/Benefit of IEC 61850

Quanta Technology is pleased to offer registration for our knowledge sharing webinar, Cost/Benefit of IEC 61850. Our panelists for this session include Dr. Juergen Holbach and Eric Udren.

Analysis of Synchronization in Load Ensembles

One of our Quanta Technology, LLC experts Dr. Salman Nazir, will be presenting one of his recent research articles at the Power Systems Computation Conference, Thursday, July 2 from 12:30-2:30 pm EDT. If you’re interested in learning more about the topic: Analysis of Synchronization in Load Ensembles, please check out the conference information. Due to the COVID-19 Outbreak, the PSCC2020 conference will be entirely virtual.

Webinar: Modern Distribution Reliability Analysis

This webinar will discuss:
-techniques for reliability modeling and analysis of modern distribution systems using computational tools
-benefit-cost analyses and evaluation of traditional and intelligent solutions for cost-effective reliability improvement
-emerging distribution reliability indices (e.g., customer-level reliability evaluation)
-applications, strategy, and development of distribution reliability improvement roadmaps within the context of grid modernization.

Webinar: Synchrophasor Data Networks and Management: Journey of Successes and Failures

THE NORTH AMERICAN SYNCHROPHASOR INITIATIVE WEBINAR SERIES Synchrophasor Data Networks and Management: Journey of Successes and Failures Featuring: Matthew Rhodes – Salt River Project (SRP) and Dan Brancaccio – Quanta Technology, Co-leads of the NASPI Data and Network Management Task Team (DNMTT) Description: Join Salt River Project’s Matthew Rhodes and Quanta Technology’s Dan Brancaccio as they share their experiences, both successes and failures, with networking and data management challenges for time synchronized telemetry in the electric utility industry. They’ll explore strategies that worked, and some that didn’t, around enabling wide-area measurements for improved situational awareness, and the challenges with getting field data to the application. Constrained networking and data management structures have been a challenge in developing synchrophasor applications from the beginning, Matthew and Dan will discuss game-changing technologies and efforts under way that will redefine how grid telemetry is used in the future. They’ll also cover topics around the benefits and drawbacks of data archiving and examine vendor-based solutions versus home-grown utility-built solutions, cloud storage, bringing applications to the data versus streaming data to the application and advanced synchrophasor applications development under these new architectures. To attend this free webinar, please register at https://www.naspi.org/node/845. Wednesday, July 29, 2020 8:30 am Pacific / 11:30 am Eastern (1 hr.) Please share with colleagues

Webinar: Advanced Inverter Functions & Applications for Grid Support and Reliability

This webinar will primarily focus on describing the advanced grid supporting functions and applications of Smart Inverters in the context of distributed energy resources (DER) integration into the electric grid. Supported by international and regional standards (IEEE 1547-2018, Rule 21, etc.), the use of smart inverter functions are either mandated or utilities have started exploring the benefits of activating certain functions. However, there are also concerns with potential adverse impacts on the control and protection of the grid. The following concepts, engineering of the functions, and applications will be discussed: - Use of DER for grid support and services (non-wires alternatives) - Smart inverter functions and concepts supported by standards: - Controls and protections - Autonomous or communication based (remote control) functions - Mitigating of the adverse impact of DER on the grid quality and integrity - Key applications, use cases, and examples - Settings and engineering of functions (industry practices) - Testing and evaluation of the functions Registration: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/686914800902695438

UF Seminar: “Resilience of Power Systems”

This presentation will discuss resilience of power systems, including definitions, metrics, evaluation methodologies, improvement frameworks, trends and challenges. The presentation will include a review of key components usually considered in resilience analyses, such as reliability, weather hardening, aging infrastructure, physical and cyber security, high impact and low probably/frequency events, and climate change, as well as a review of key infrastructure and technology solutions for resilience improvement, such as microgrids, targeted undergrounding, distribution automation and others. The presentation will also discuss key industry trends and ongoing initiatives pertaining to power systems resilience and related concepts.   https://news.ece.ufl.edu/2020/09/16/seminar-julio-romero-aguero/

Webinar: PMU Applications – Solutions for Evolving T&D Grids.

Synchronized measurement concepts were first presented as synchrophasors from Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs) in 1983. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) provided funding that accelerated PMU deployment projects across the United States. Synchronized measurement is a key technology in addressing new operational challenges for the transmission and distribution grids fast moving towards a carbon-neutral future. This webinar will present a brief overview of synchronized measurement technology with a focus on new applications and infrastructure, system design, and data management. Given the complexity in deploying a production synchronized measurement system for real-time monitoring, protection and control, the importance of developing a roadmap for such deployments will be discussed.

Energy Storage International

Ralph Masiello will be presenting at this conference. https://www.solarpowerinternational.com/energy-storage-international/

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The @IEEETandD Smart Cities Pavilion is a cool place to be. The FE Race Car at the ABB Exhibition booth & it's charging station ⛽ We held our @ieeepesday session on Smart Resilient Grid for Smart Cities & grateful to @Urbanolistica for moderating the panel. #IEEETandD2022

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