(Portable RObust Microgrid Integrated Storage System)

A mobile battery energy storage system.


The Portable RObust Microgrid Integrated Storage System (PROMIS) platform is designed for frequent relocation and fast interconnection at a new site, using a standard generator terminal box with Cam-lok™ plugs. The PROMIS platform was originally developed as a clean replacement for emergency (portable) diesel generators. However, using a fully portable platform enhances the value proposition and increases the utilization factor of the energy storage system by introducing flexibility in capturing locational benefits of grid support or customer-specific applications. The PROMIS platform is equipped with a Microgrid integrated technology and an on-board controller that provides comprehensive sets of autonomous controls, optimization schemes, and supervisory capability for ease of remote operator access and/or integration back to the Dispatch Center for overall grid coordination.

Safe and Environmentally Friendly

  • Reliable, fire-resistant, and safe battery-cell technology
  • Explosion- and fire-resistant battery cabinets
  • Additional fire suppression systems designed to meet NFPA 855 fire protection standard
  • Emission-free design
  • Sound-attenuated container enclosure
  • Condition monitoring based on preventative techniques

Mature Technology

  • UL-certified Battery Management System (BMS)
  • Lithium iron-phosphate (LiFePO4) battery cells
  • High full cycle charge rate (more than 4000)
  • Mature technology from electric vehicle industry


  • Containerized solution
  • Installed on a flat-bed trailer for easy transport
  • Anti-vibration and tension-resistant design

Plug-and-Play Interconnection

  • Compliance with IEEE 1547-2018 interconnection requirements (using standard switches)
  • Including visible load-break disconnect switch, fault interruption circuit breaker, and synchronizing devices
  • Isolation transformer for interconnection with fuse and circuit-breaker overcurrent protection

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Mobile. Clean. Quiet.

Replacement for Emergency Diesel Generators

Outage Management and Maintenance Support Replaces traditional forms of backup generation units (e.g., diesel generators) for supplying customers during service interruptions due to outage or maintenance

Peak Load and Demand Charge Management Provides peak-shaving capabilities during periods of high demand or high electricity prices to relieve loading on utility assets and achieve global cost reduction.

Voltage Control
Mitigates and improves commonly experienced voltage issues to enhance customers’ power
quality on the distribution systems through corrective actions.



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