Yi Hu

Dr. Yi Hu, IEEE Fellow, Director, Wide-Area Monitoring, Protection and Control, Quanta Technology Expert, has over 24 years of experience working with electric utilities and vendors. He has developed a number of concepts and methods to improve power system operation, protection and control and consulted for many customers.

He had successfully led the development of Wide-Area Monitoring, Protection and Control business since joining Quanta Technology. Dr. Hu has led the Quanta Technology team to win several major WAMPAC projects in the U.S. and Internationally, such as U.S. DOE/NETL NASPInet Specification project, Brazil ONS PMU Certification project.

Prior to joining Quanta Technology, Dr. Hu was a Principal Consultant of KEMA T&D Consulting in US. He has also held various senior engineering positions while with TEKELEC, ABB and NARI.

His work had earned him industry recognition and reputation and currently is an IEEE Senior Member. He presently holds 13 US and multiple international patents. Yi had published multiple technical papers and articles in Refereed Journals and Conference Proceedings in various areas of power system analysis, protection, automation and control.

Dr. Hu has been actively involved in IEEE PES Power System Relaying Committee (PSRC) and North America SynchroPhasor Initiative (NASPI) activities. He is the co-chair of PSRC C15 working group for developing a report for "Design and Test of Selected SIPS", and is an active member of several PSRC working group members. Dr. Hu co-authored the "PMU System Testing and Calibration Guide" for NASPI PSTT.

Yi has worked on a diverse range of projects for utility and industrial customers. Dr. Hu is the leading experts who had successfully won and led several major projects related to large scale PMU system deployment including system architecture design, system component specification, application identification & implementation, and business case analysis, and teaching training courses. His experience and expertise also include product test and certification for analog and digital teleprotection and protective relay products.

Yi Hu can be reached at yhu@quanta-technology.com

Director, Wide-Area Monitoring, Protection and Control