Juergen Holbach

Juergen H. Holbach, PhD, Senior Director, Automation & Testing, has more than 17 years of experience in design and application of protective relaying. He led the development project for the second generation of numerical line differential relays for a German relay manufacturer. As an application expert for transmission protection he was responsible for approval test of transmission relays with utility customer around the world. Since 2000 he works in the U.S. as a product manager for protection relays. Juergen was one of the lead engineers on the first IEC61850 based Protection and Control, Multi-Vendor Project in the United States (500KV Bradley Station-TVA).

Juergen contributed to several working groups in CIGRE as well as in IEEE-PSRC and is the chairman of the working group H5 "Common format for IED configuration data". He is also member of the IEEE-PSRC subcommittees "Relay Practices" and "Relay Communication". He published over a dozen papers at the major relay conferences in North America and is member of the Georgia Tech Protective Relaying Conference Planning Committee. Juergen holds several patents in the area of protection relaying.

Prior to joining Quanta Technology, he was Product Lifecycle Manager at Siemens Energy Inc. in Wendell North Carolina. He was born in Germany and graduated from the University of Berlin with a PhD in Electrical Engineering. He joined Siemens AG in 1992 as a development engineer in Berlin Germany. In 1994 he moved to the product management group for protection relays in Nuremberg Germany. In 2000 he joint Siemens Power and Distribution in Wendell, NC as a product manager for transmission relays.

JuergenHolbach can be reached at jholbach@quanta-technology.com

Senior Director