C. Scott Wilson

Scott Wilson has almost 30 years of advisory and consulting experience providing strategy, operations, infrastructure development, asset management, market, customer, policy, and business advisory to energy corporations, utilities, and technology companies.  His industry and business knowledge includes wholesale/regional energy markets, generation/T&D operations and maintenance, field services, customer-side operations, customer service and engagement, retail market development and demand-side planning, and energy grid/system network operations.  He has significan experience in strategy, business, and operations planning and implementation for Smart Grid, distributed energy resources (DER), and other emerging supply portfolio, grid management, and customer-side Smart/Clean technologies.

Areas of Expertise

  • Energy & Industry:  regional markets, wholesale/generation fleet operations, T&D operations, field services
  • Smart/Clean Technologies:  smart grid (e.g., AMI, etc.), renewables, smart inverters, DER operations, DSO/TSO
  • Enterprise Management:  O&M, asset planning/mgt, capital, finance/risk, compliance, policy
  • Customer/Markets:  DER/RE, C&I microgrids and smart communities, segmentation, retail strategies/programs
  • Technology planning, application, and intellectual property (IP) management