Battery Energy Storage Systems Testing & Simulation including BESSTI (Battery Energy Storage System Testing Instrument)

The Battery Energy Storage System Tester Instrument (BESSTI) is specifically designed for testing of commercial Energy Storage System (ESS). BESSTI can be utilized in the laboratory environment and/or in the field to facilitate Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), Site Acceptance Test (SAT) and commissioning of BESS. The portable test device can interface and exchange commands with BESS through analog signals or communicate with the BESS controller using MODBUS, DNP3 or other standard protocols. The embedded power quality meters also provide direct measurement of actual power values (P, Q, V and I) at the terminal of the BESS. The built-in power/energy tracking capabilities and performance assessment tool allows the user to compare the generated set-points and expected power output of a BESS with the measured outputs, for any pre-specified control strategy. The tester can be used for testing and evaluation of ESS controls and communication systems, or can act as a site controller or a Battery Management System (BMS) for new application tests. 










BESSTI can be utilized in the laboratory environment and/or in the field to facilitate:

                               - Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)

                               - Site Acceptance Test (SAT)

                               - Commissioning Test and Performance Evaluation



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Overview and Technical Features

  • Built in communication library for data exchange with various industry recognized ESS controllers, such as: Tesla v1.x, Tesla V2.x, ABB, S&C, etc.

  • Ability to test wide range of ESS  products

  • Utilizing several pre-defined testing and simulation scenarios, or defining customized test procedures

  • Comprehensive test reports, including a recording of the initial conditions, test type, test start and end time, and measurement values every 10 seconds during the test and more.

  • Optional hardware in the loop (HIL) testing method

  • Remote access to the test device (Web-ported)

  • The BESSTI is capable of running various types of tests:


            Type Testing Options (from Standards)                             Application Testing Options                              Interconnection Testing Options

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