AMI and Grid Modernization

Our advisors at Quanta Technology can provide your organization with a wide range of solutions centered around AMI and Grid Modernization. Smart meters are often the key component of a grid modernization program for our public power clients. Our approach is to leverage our decades of experience in this area with a methodology that adapts the scope and objectives of the program to the broader goals and vision of the community.

  •  Our approach for public power is to first scale and align a grid modernization program with the appropriate priorities on individual municipalities.  Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) systems are frequently at the core of grid modernization, including the deployment of smart meters.   Our AMI team has supported municipalities and other public power entities to maximize the benefits of large AMI investments through customized solutions that leverage experience with over 120 AMI deployments worldwide, including wide-ranging IT systems integration projects across multiple platforms and vendors.  Our services range from an initial benefit-cost assessment to strategy and road mapping, procurement services such as RFP development and vendor evaluation, to project support during deployment for technical and non-technical issues. 
  •  Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) systems and other grid modernization technology frequently generate significant amounts of data. These new technologies offer an impressive level of control and monitoring detail on the performance and operating characteristic of a power system. Although this represents a significant opportunity for advanced system operation functions, the volume of potential data can pose challenges in its utilization and management. Quanta Technology's industry and technical experts can assist with these efforts, providing practical expertise on the optimal way to utilize and manage the data to achieve customer goals. Our unique approach, combining technical expertise with process and software tool development capabilities offer our customers a complete solution to data management and utilization.  

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