IEEE PES Corporate Engagement Initiative

Quanta Technology is excited about the opportunity to share knowledge within the power industry and contribute to increase the number of IEEE power and energy society members.

Quanta Technology is taking part in this initiative alongside electric power utilities such as VELCO and ComEd.

Below is what Quanta Technology President, Damir Novosel had to say about the new initiative.

“Although our team has been very active with IEEE PES, having a more structured engagement in various IEEE initiatives would further benefit both our team and the industry. We are committed to have more than 100 of our employees working with leaders such as Sharma Kolluri (our IEEE liaison) to make the difference in electrical energy delivery.”

Electric power industry leader, Sharma Kolluri, stated the following regarding his role in the initiative.

“First of all, I want to welcome Quanta Technology to the IEEE PES Corporate Engagement Program. I am very excited to be the IEEE liaison for Quanta Technology on this important initiative and looking forward to working with the Quanta Team. Quanta Technology has been a world leader in the power industry and has strongly supported IEEE PES over the years. In my role as liaison, I will make sure that both Quanta Technology and IEEE PES receive the maximum value from this engagement.

Finally, David Elizondo from Quanta Technology, shared his view about the initiative.

“I vividly remember attending my first IEEE meeting, in January 2001 in Columbus, Ohio. I started the journey driving along with IEEE Life Fellow Dr. Arun Phadke, who introduced me to a few power system protection engineers. Almost 20 years later, and truly grateful for having the opportunity to participate in several IEEE conferences across North and South America, I am convinced that IEEE shaped my professional career in a positive way.  Being part of this new initiative allows me to give back to IEEE and help junior engineers achieve their professional goals by actively participating in our electric power industry forums. For IEEE, the best is yet to come.”

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