Technology Integration & Smart Grid

Our advisors at Quanta Technology can provide your organization with a wide range of expertise and solutions for technology integration and smart grid implementationOur team combines industry-leading technical expertise and business acumen enabling us to provide solutions that are not only technically robust but also practical to implement. Our approach is to create and leverage best-in-class software tools and processes to support our clients and long-term partners in solving the toughest challenges facing the industry today. 

  • Grid modernization often includes the deployment of smart meters as part of an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system. Our AMI team has supported over 120 AMI deployments worldwide, including wide-ranging IT systems integration projects across multiple platforms and vendors. Our services range from an initial benefit-cost assessment to strategy and road mapping, procurement services such as RFP development and vendor evaluation, to project support during deployment for technical and non-technical issues.
  • Quanta Technology has developed a proprietary software platform, the CORE™ System Analyzer, can significantly reduce costs and improve the quality and efficiency of protection studies for sensitivity, coordination, wide-area coordination, and regulatory compliance through automation. The CORE™ System Analyzer utilizes raw data from standard software packages such as CAPE and ASPEN, providing a customizable report that summarizes the issues. Quanta Technology conducts studies on behalf of utilities as a service and we also license the tool to our client partners.
  • Emerging technologies can offer an impressive level of control and monitoring detail on the performance and operating characteristic of a power system. Although this represents a significant opportunity for advanced system operation functions, the volume of potential data can pose challenges in its utilization and management. Quanta Technology's industry and technical experts can assist with these efforts, providing practical expertise on the optimal way to utilize and manage the data to achieve customer goals. Our unique approach, combining technical expertise with process and software tool development capabilities offer our customers a complete solution to data management and utilization. 
  • A distributed energy resource management system (DERMS) reside at the core of a Grid Modernization strategy as DERs impact almost all facets of distribution planning and operations. Quanta Technology has over a decade of experience helping utilities navigate this evolution. We have assembled a team of industry experts and thought leaders equipped to help utilities plan, justify, select, and integrate DERMS solutions to be scalable and expandable as the integration of DER penetration increases and technology evolves. In addition, our capabilities include not only front-end services but also supporting the implementation, operations, and maintenance of DERMS.
  • Quanta Technology offers a comprehensive approach in supporting our client partners to address electrification challenges. Utility distribution systems are facing increased challenges related to potential overloads of equipment and circuits, changes in equipment cooling patterns, and constraints in accommodating high-power charging in neighborhoods with legacy distribution infrastructure. Our team of experts can provide detailed, model-based engineering analyses for which yield plans that are technically robust, yet pragmatic. Our technical foundation is coupled with commercial and business expertise enabling Quanta Technology to perform services such as business case development, road mapping and strategy and benefit-cost analyses.
  • Quanta Technology has experience leading several utility communications projects. These projects included supporting, executing, evaluating, and consulting for various types of communications requirements. The communications are associated with deploying distribution automation schemes, enhancing SCADA systems, implementing distributed PMU applications, and managing DERs. Quanta Technology has a team of industry experts and thought leaders ready to help utilities plan, justify, select, and implement various type of communications.
  • The SIMPLE platform offers functionalities required to build various nodes for comprehensive distribution feeder automation and Distributed Energy Resource (DER) control applications.
  • Quanta Technology supports utilities with the development of telecommunications strategies and plans as part of grid modernization programs. Our capabilities include establishing and developing requirements for the grid-edge as well as wide area networks.
  • PROMIS® is a portable energy storage system primarily designed for emergency energy supply to single- and three-phase customers. It is designed for frequent relocation and fast interconnection at a new site using a standard generator terminal box with Cam-lok™ plugs. PROMIS is a clean replacement for emergency (portable) diesel generators. Furthermore, it operates in grid-connected mode for grid support functions. The PROMIS platform is equipped with integrated microgrid technology and an onboard controller that provides comprehensive sets of autonomous controls, optimization schemes, and supervisory capability for ease of remote operator access and integration with the Dispatch Center for overall grid coordination.
  • Non-Wires Alternatives (NWAs) represent investment alternatives and operating practices to defer or avoid traditional T&D projects such as installing new wires and transformers, and is a key driver for future grid requirements. Quanta Technology experts have been leading the industry charge in NWA through direct collaboration with key utilities and our industry recognized thought leaders. Quanta Technology has developed proprietary tools that are applied at both transmission and distribution level according to the following process framework: Develop forecast scenarios, benchmark conventional grid investment alternatives, analyze the costs and value of applied DER on an hourly basis, and perform benefit-cost and risk analyses. Our processes and tools employ transparent models, allow for evaluation of different concepts and approaches, incorporate automation and computation efficiency, and work seamlessly with other utility planning tools.

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