Automated Protection Modeling

Quanta Technology offers unmatched expertise in the representation and model development of protective devices in a wide range of industry-standard software packages. Our extensive industry experience enables our experts to provide best-practice advice and support in all aspects of protection modeling, including conception, implementation, maintenance, and actual simulation studies.  We have created these capabilities in consideration of the greater demands being placed on Protection Engineering departments to meet the technological and regulatory challenges of the future, in an ever-changing power systems industry. The availability and increasing capabilities of software simulations represent significant opportunities to assist engineers in the development and performance evaluation of critical protection devices.  

CORE® Data Manager Tools

Automated Reporting and Modeling of Simulation Software

In order to address the growing complexity of modern protective devices, Quanta Technology has developed the CORE® suite of software tools.  The CORE® suite of tools addresses the new challenges related to Compliance, Operations, Reliability, and Engineering that utility companies face due to the evolving nature of power grids and associated regulatory requirements.   With the growing number of NERC PRC and CIP standards, utilities are tasked with extracting large amounts of specialized data from many different sources. In response to this growing need, Quanta Technology has developed the CORE® Data Manager tools in collaboration with utility partners. These tools address many data-related problems, including digitizing protective device settings, interpreting power systems data, automatic modeling of devices (e.g. relays, reclosers) in short-circuit calculation tools, and comprehensive compliance reporting with a mouse click. ​

CORE® Data Manager Tools Service Offering​s

Maintaining an up-to-date short-circuit model is essential to obtain accurate study results for relay engineers. Manually building and maintaining a model is both time- and labor-intensive. As settings for new and existing devices are continually being issued, a tremendous amount of time may be past before those changes are properly reflected in the short-circuit software.

The CORE® Data Manager tools can also automatically create customized relay settings summary reports for large quantities of relay data, saving considerable time and engineering cost.  Other service offerings for the CORE® Data Manager include: Integrated Capacity Assessment Protection Report, Firmware ID Report, Minimum Trip Report, PRC-023 Compliance Evaluation, and CIP-010 Compliance Evaluation.​

Why Quanta Technology

The CORE® Data Manager tool is built on years of experience by Quanta Technology’s power system and automation experts.   The CORE® Data Manager is used by multiple utilities in North America and has demonstrated dramatic improvements in efficiency across multiple projects.

Automated Data Import (ADI) Module

The ADI is one of the CORE™ Data Manager modules that automatically extracts protection data from settings repositories, interprets protection settings and functions, and implement protection model into a short-circuit software tool. Utility’s protection philosophy is integrated into the ADI to enable the selection of protection schemes and the correct relay settings to be imported to the short-circuit model. The ADI can even implement complex communication-based protection schemes in several power systems protection software tools. ​

Relay mapping intelligence understands settings from many relay manufacturers: SEL (.RDB, .MDB), GE (.URS), ABB (.TPU), Siemens (XML), and many more.

CORE Data Manager
These and many more modules available in CORE™ Data Manager Tools

Direct Interface with Protection Data Sources

  • ENOSERV PowerBase
  • ASPEN Relay Database
  • Shared drives and folder structures

➣ Automated Protection Model Data Import

  • ASPEN OneLiner
  • Siemens PSS®CAPE
  • Eaton CYME
  • DNV-GL Synergi Electric

➣ Automated Modeling of Protection Schemes

  • Overcurrent
  • Distance
  • Teleprotection
  • Differential

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