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0 2014 Microgrids are for Real Quanta Technology In the past few years, Microgrid developments have grabbed the attention of various utilities and industries as a key part of system hardening and Smart Grid implementation. This is to enhance the reliability of the electric grid, as well as the power quality – particularly for the purpose of providing backup power supply during system restoration as a result of blackouts or natural disasters Download
1 2016 Market Design for Congestion Relief With Energy Storage Quanta Technology This paper explores how energy storage could be added to the portfolio of traditional transmission solutions when the driver for the investment is relieving transmission congestion. It demonstrates how storage can be operated so as to mimic the effects of those traditional solutions (such as transmission construction and line re-conductoring) to alleviate congestion. Download
2 2016 Sharing the Ride of Power: Understanding Transactive Energy in the Ecosystem of Energy Economics IEEE PES Advocates of Transactive Energy (TE) make arguments for the integration of distributed energy resources (DERs) into a market environment from the standpoint of overall energy economics, customer choice, facilitating technology adoption, and encouraging innovation. At a very high level, this is reasonable given the rapid development and adoption of personalized transactions via the web and mobile computing in many domains and the equally rapid proliferation of DERs, at least in some geographic areas. Download
3 2019 IEEE Magazine July/August 2019 IEEE PES Download
4 2016 IEEE Magazine May/June 2016 IEEE PES Download
5 May 27, 2020 Electrify vehicle fleets and transportation sector will follow Damir Novosel - The Energy Daily A commentary by Damir Novosel in the Energy Daily, "Electrify vehicle fleets and transportation sector will follow" Download
6 2020 Energy Storage Primer IEEE PES Energy storage continues to emerge as one of "non-conventional alternatives" to mitigate the effects of renewable variability, optimize the utilization of existing grid infrastructure, and improve resilience and reliability by providing end users with the ability to self-supply during outages. Energy storage is a flexible resource for grid operators that can deliver a range of grid services quickly and efficiently. Unfortunately, the cost of many of these services still exceeds their value, compared to conventional solutions. As energy storage technology becomes more cost-effective, a wider range of applications will become accessible. The purpose of this Primer is to provide a fundamental understanding of the roles of energy storage in the electric grid and explain why it is more complex than simply inserting a battery into a phone, requiring careful engineering design expertise. Download
7 2020 Sharing Knowledge on Electrical Energy Industry's First Response to COVID-19 IEEE PES Electric utilities and system operators have overcome the issues associated with COVID-19 to provide safe and reliable power to communities. The steps taken by industry stakeholders to protect employees' and customers' health, while keeping the lights on, required significant innovations. This document, prepared by IEEE PES Industry Technical Support Leadership Committee (ITSLC), represents a collection of the experiences faced by and practices implemented by a number of utilities and system operators across the globe to mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has shown us how now, more than ever, reliable, resilient, and cost-effective delivery of electrical energy is a necessity for the society to cope with any crisis. Download

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