PAC World Global Conference 2021

August 31 - September 1 Papers Being Presented. 1.Tools and Approaches for Automation of Protection Settings Evaluation in Advanced Software Models- Daniyal Qureshi, Ish Anand, Hadi Khani James Kelly, Muna Anazodo, Pankaj Sharma (Hydro One) 2. Cost and Time Efficient Methodologies for Evaluation of the CT Saturation Impact on Bus Differential Protection Using Real-Time Digital Simulator Testing- Juergen Holbach, Ahmadreza Momeni, Aghil Davari, Hadi Khani Mohsen Khanbeigi, Athul Hangilipola, Matthew Leung (Hydro One) 3. Using Analytics to Understand the Evolving Electric Grid- Rich Hunt, David G. Hart, Juergen Holbach

Climate Adaptation & Resilience Webinar

Climate change is increasingly threatening the electric power system and causing major disruptions, through more severe and frequent weather events. These threats are exacerbated in the face of aging infrastructure. Disruptions to the electrical infrastructure propagate to other critical sectors causing a domino effect of health and community impacts. Developing resilience planning frameworks to adapt to the unavoidable impacts of severe events on the functions of the electric grid is necessary. This webinar will focus on ways to bridge resilience needs with grid modernization and decarbonization goals. Today, there are no widely accepted metrics in the industry to measure resilience, as opposed to reliability. This is complicated by the fact that there is no “one-size-fits-all” framework and metrics for resilience, as they depend on regional and functional factors. Therefore, there is a need for robust, risk-assessment-based resilience metrics and methods that should enable benchmarking across the industry, facilitate continuous improvement, and quantify risk to guide investment prioritization decisions. The increasing severity and frequency of extreme events call for resilience planning and investment prioritization to be part of coordinated planning and span generation, transmission, and distribution. A resilient infrastructure enables a sustainable economic future and is the building block for renewables and emerging technologies into the grid. Presenters- Shay Bahramirad, Kevin Dasso, Gregg Lemler   Registration Link:

CIGRE Grid of the Future

Mon October 18- 4:15pm-5:45pm CIGRE Track 2, Paper Session 3B- Selin Yanikara-Speaker, A Comprehensive Metrics-based Climate/Resilience Plan and Investment Strategy. Authors: Shay Bahramirad, Selin Yanikara, Elli Ntakou, Jeff Schlegelmilch, Khash Mahani Mahani, Ralph Masiello.   Mon October 18- CIGRE Track 3. Paper session 3 C, Hisham Othman- session speaker. Energy Storage Siting and Sizing Methodology to Unlock Transmission Transfer Capacity- A Case Study in the UK National Grid.   Tuesday October 19- 9:45am-11:15am, CIGRE Track 4, Paper session 4D. Richard Hunt- Speaker- Protection and Automation Session “What is Sustainable Design?” Authors: Richard Hunt & Eric Udren.   Tuesday October 19, 2:15-3:34 CIGRE Track 1, paper session 5A, Steven Wang - Speaker. Hurdles in Renewable Integration- Some Practical Considerations. Authors- Steven Wang & Henry Chao.

Western Protective Relay Conference 2021

October 19-21, 2021 Quanta Technology will be presenting two papers (utility authors on the papers, but no utility co-presenters) at this conference. We do not have utility co-presenters because they are unable to attend – utility names do not appear anywhere in the presentation. Two papers and presentations: Development and Implementation of Practical Processes for NERC CIP-010 Compliance Evaluation Thursday Oct.21 1:15pm-4:45pm PST Session Presented by Tim Chang Practical Implementation of the Stepped-Event Analysis in Protection Evaluation Thursday Oct.21 1:15pm-4:45pm PST Session Presented by Xinyang Dong

CEATI Protection & Control and Smart Grid 2021

November 2-3, 2021 Quanta Technology will be presenting two sessions with utility co-presenters. Two presentations: Challenges and Considerations in Implementation Practical Solutions for NERC CIP-010 Compliance Evaluation November 2, 3:00-5:00pm EST Session Presented by Guanhua Wen, Christopher Bolton (SDG&E), Tuan Nguyen (PG&E) Opportunities for Digital Transformation in Addressing NERC Compliance Requirements November 2, 3:00-5:00pm EST Session Presented by Saman Alaeddini, Scot Hayes (PG&E), Christopher Bolton (SDG&E)

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Colorado Springs Utilities looking to boost resiliency through microgrids via @csgazette

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Preliminary Root Cause Analysis of the mid-August heat wave and rotating power outages has now been posted. The analysis outlines causes and recommendations for action. Read the news release here:

The first @Tesla Megapacks installed at PG&E’s Moss Landing substation. Once operational (targeting 2Q 2021) this 182.5MW battery #energystorage system will be one of the largest utility-owned, lithium-ion battery energy storage systems in the world. 🔋

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