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  • Download Electrification and EV Adoption White PaperForecasting and Distribution Planning Challenge of Electrification and EV Adoption White Paper   Understanding Impacts and Creating a Roadmap for Future Electrification Today, utilities are navigating how to meet state/city requirements for accelerated deployment of charging stations as well as understanding the grid impacts of those deployments. Near-Term Needs – Assessing Grid Impact of Transportation Charging Difficulties arise as transportation expands out from residential charging.   Vehicle batteries for light-duty vehicles are getting larger to meet range requirements, chargers are getting larger to accommodate desires for faster charging.   As electrification expands into commercial operations, truck fleets will have an increasingly larger impact, charging stations of all sizes will become more ubiquitous, and our distribution chain will evolve to accommodate electrification – adding charging requirements for ports of entry, through distribution centers and to last-mile deliveries. Understanding where these “localized” loads will be occurring and how charging patterns may change is essential to understanding the impact on a utility’ grid.   To capture this expansion and assess the full impact of electrification across all transportation sectors, project load increases will need to incorporate not only light-duty vehicle charging between residential and public chargers, but also incorporate the project load increases from commercial operations as well. Quanta Technology has developed a process to localize and predict the impacts of future electric transportation loads for specific cities, across states, or for multi-state, utility territories.  In addition, the process can incorporate the potential of electrification of building technologies as well, such as air source heat pumps The methodology is based on a ground up approach of identifying and projecting adoption of chargers at all buildings, facilities, and depots that are expected to incorporate a range of chargers, from level II to super-fast devices. Because Quanta can localize loads, substations and feeders that are potentially “at-risk” can be identified in order to ensure a seamless adoption of vehicles and allow utilities to be viewed as leaders for vehicle integration. Transportation Electrification Quanta Technology has developed a methodology to project future “Impact” of EV fleet/vehicle charging loads and localize the impacts to specific substations in order to determine whether substations are “at risk” due to vehicle electrification impact Technology Electrification Quanta Technology realizes that electrification is not just vehicles, but also includes building technologies such as air source heat pumps – our processes also estimate the penetration and load impact of building electrification Link to Transportation Electrification Technology Assessment and Testing 

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