Distribution Planning Engineers

Our Distribution Planning Engineers conduct studies of distribution power systems to evaluate system performance during existing, future and contingency conditions; perform distributed generation interconnection studies; make recommendations for actions to mitigate system performance deficiencies identified by distribution system analyses; and prepare reports documenting system study results, performance deficiencies, and recommending mitigating or corrective actions.



Conduct power flow and fault studies using computational power flow tools such as Cyme and Synergi.

Update existing engineering analysis models with new elements and system loads.

Incorporate client provided field data in engineering analysis models.

Incorporate forecasts of client system load growth in engineering analysis models.

Conduct generator interconnection System Impact Studies and reports.

Conduct hosting capacity studies.

Reviews and updates load projection entries.

Provides estimates of new business loads and performs allocation to appropriate distribution feeders and enters updates load forecast.

Performs system analysis by preparing load, contingency and area studies for developing corporate plans for distribution system expansions and modifications.

Maintains databases and spreadsheets reflecting Company’s existing transformer, switchgear, and feeder capacities and loadings.

Completes monthly loading evaluation of each circuit within the distribution system and analyzes load duration curves to determine level of risk.

Prepares future system forecasting for Distribution Planning and individual circuits.

Performs budgetary and cost studies as required.

Oversees input, collection and completion of monthly reliability reports and indices.

Recommend projects to reduce SAIDI and SAIFI within the system and benchmarking.

Provide recommendations for automation technology within the distribution system to improve reliability.

Provide recommendations and decisions for standard issues pertaining to new technology and proactively evaluating methods to reduce costs, increase reliability, and improve safety.

A Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering is preferred and experience with power flow analysis is required.

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