Principal Consultant position in Advanced Technology Integration

Principal Consultant position in Advanced Technology Integration: System Modeling, Testing and Integration

Role Summary: The successful candidate primarily performs analysis and testing of renewable and emerging technology systems. That includes incorporating controls, protections, power conversion systems, interconnection and operation aspect of the systems. The successful candidate should demonstrate strong technical skills and be able to write proposals and execute projects; and help with opportunity identification and client management.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Develop transient model of power systems and power electronics for applications in renewable energy, microgrids and energy storage systems.
  • Develop real-time model of power systems and power electronics
  • Design protection system for renewable energy, energy storage system and microgrids
  • Perform tests in laboratory environment, involving power system hardware, real time simulators, and/or field experience with system commissioning and testing
  • Read electrical drawings and develop test setups, involving assembly, wiring, and settings and configuration of digital devices such as protective relays, and automation controllers
  • Prepare test plans, perform tests and document results in test reports
  • Prepare project reports and description of work
  • Prepare project proposals, Scope of Work, and request for quotation documents.

Job Qualifications & Skills: The key requirements for the job are:

  • Master’s degree or higher educations in Electrical Engineering from an accredited institute
  • Industrial experience of using power system software tools such as PSCAD/EMTDC, EMTP-RV, RSCAD, OPAL-RT, CYMDIST, SYNERGY, and ASPEN or CAPE for modeling and analyzing grid impact.
  • Traceable track record of experience and completed projects in design, study and analysis of protective relays and power apparatus (at least 8 years of experience)
  • Previous involvement in modeling and analysis of real-world deployment projects in one of the utilities in North America
  • Knowledge of power system phenomena and typical events associated with faults and contingency in distribution and transmission systems
  • Familiarity with industrial standards associated with distribution systems, renewable energy systems, power conversion systems, etc.
  • Familiarity with key communication system architectures and protocols applied in electric utility environment
  • Good communication skills and comprehensive technical writing skills
  • Good ethical and professional business manner in work and in interaction with colleagues and customers.

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