Quanta Technology President to Speak at SGIP 2016 Grid Modernization Summit


Speaker Announcement

Quanta Technology is honored to participate in the SGIP Grid Mondernization Summit this year at the Capital Hilton in Washington, D.C.

SGIP 2016 Grid Modernization Summit is proud to announce that Damir Novosel, President of IEEE PES and Quanta Technology, has confirmed his participation as a speaker at this year's conference.

Damir will join other executives on the panel titled “Managing Change with Distributed Resources” on Tuesday, November 8th from 8:45AM – 9:45AM.

"Now that the “smart grid” is beginning to transform into the “intelligent grid” or “grid modernization,” grid operators are beginning to tell their story of automation. What are we learning from taking the grid from where it was to where it is going? Are demand response and distributed energy (via customers) beginning to impact the grid or are we focused on automating and optimizing it first? Can these (customers and grid operations) be done in parallel? These questions will be addressed by an esteemed panel of utilities and grid operators serving the utility marketplace."

For more information, including registration, please visit the SGIP Conference website.