Quanta Technology DistribuTECH Itinerary

Quanta Technology helps electric utilities by providing practical solutions to their most complex challenges. Our team is looking forward to seeing all our friends and colleagues at the 2018 DistribuTECH conference. Several of our industry experts will be presenting papers, instructing courses and chairing sessions. We invite you to review our schedule below. If you would like to attend any of the courses presented by our team, please remember to register prior to your attendance at the DistribuTECH portal. 


Dr. Julio Romero Aguero will be present from Sunday, January 21st to January 25th. Dr. Romero will also be presenting two courses including "Applying Synchrophasor Technology to Distribution System Operations" and "Planning for the Integration of Distributed Energy Resources in Smart Distribution Systems". Julio will also serve as session chair for "Disruptive and Behind-the-Meter Technologies - Utility Friend or Foe?" as well as moderating the panel for "Recent Experiences and Trends in Grid Modernization"

Dr. Farid Katiraei will be present from January 22nd to 24th. Dr. Katiraei will be presenting the course "Planning for Integration of Distributed Energy Resources and Microgrids in Smart Distribution Systems" and speaking on "Regional Resource and Load Aggregators in Modern Distribution Systems".

Eric Udren will be present January 22nd to the 25th. Eric will present "Applying Synchrophasor Technology to Distribution System Operations" as well as "Teleprotection over MPLS Ethernet Development and Testing of Practical Installations".

Dr. Yi Hu will be present January 21st to the 25th. Yi will be presenting "Applying Synchrophasor Technology to Distribution System Operations".

Dr. Dino Lelic will be present Sunday, the 21st to the 23rd. Dino has co-authored "Microgrid-Integrated Solar-Storage Technology in a Utility Microgrid".


Diana Prkacin, Business Development Manager, will be available the morning of the 23rd until the 25th. If you would like to schedule a time to meet with our team at DistribuTECH, please contact Diana at (919) 737-5519 or via email at dprkacin@quanta-technology.com