Quanta Staff To Teach Course for DTECH 2016 in San Diego

Quanta Staff To Teach Course for DTECH 2016 in San Diego

UU 302: Applying Synchrophasor Technology to Enhance Distribution System Operations

Monday, January 30, 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Cost for this course is $300.00


Eric A. Udren
Executive Advisor
Quanta Technology
Julio Romero Aguero
Vice President, Strategy & Business Innovation
Quanta Technology
Yi Hu
Director, WAMPAC
Quanta Technology


Distributed energy resources (DER) combine with microgrid concepts and customer service demands to fundamentally change how distribution systems are planned, operated, protected and managed. Synchrophasor measurement technology, now widely adopted in transmission systems, can address challenges of changing distribution operations. This course explains technical requirements and issues, both for legacy distribution designs, and designs created to address the new operating situations. Examples and case studies will illustrate opportunities for application of synchrophasor technology.

The course includes basics of synchrophasor measurement, equipment implementations and communications system technologies for collecting synchrophasor data for monitoring and controlling the distribution system, as well as protecting it from faults and failures and restoring service. It includes a high-level overview of architectures and use cases for monitoring, control and protection applications. Attendees will see examples of new system designs to help with conception of practical solutions they can apply as their own utility distribution systems evolve.

Who Should Attend

• Distribution system automation, protection and control engineers
• Distribution system planners and planning managers
• Distribution operations and support personnel
• Managers of engineering and operations for distribution systems
• IT engineers and manager
• Vendors and integrators of distribution system automation, protection and control equipment