Grid and Regulatory Modernization and Utility of the Future Presentation with Dr. Julio Romero Agüero

Grid and Regulatory Modernization and Utility of the Future Presentation with Dr. Julio Romero Agüero



The electric utility industry is evolving at an accelerated pace.

This transformation is being driven by the changing expectations of customers and society in general and by the introduction of emerging technologies and concepts. These changes and trends have been described using a variety of terms such as Smart Grid, Grid of the Future, and Grid Modernization, which emphasize the need to build an intelligent grid that can be monitored and controlled in real-time with the ultimate purpose of providing a reliable, safe, and secure service. Most importantly, this transformation is intended to empower customers to actively participate and benefit from greater and more diverse market opportunities and services.

Building this intelligent power delivery grid is a monumental and multidisciplinary task that comprises addressing foundational infrastructure, adding incremental intelligence, and updating overall practices regarding planning, operations, and engineering design and standards. A key aspect of achieving a successful transformation is that this grid modernization must be accompanied by similar or probably more progressive modernization of existing regulatory frameworks and business models. Such transformation is needed to address emerging challenges and opportunities for end users, electric utilities and other industry stakeholders.

This presentation by Dr. Julio Romero Aguero, Vice President of Strategy and Business Innovation at Quanta Technology, will review experiences and initiatives pertaining to grid modernization and discuss emerging technology and regulatory challenges that the industry need to address in its transition toward the Utility of the Future.

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Originally founded in France in 1921, CIGRE has expanded worldwide with representatives from more than ninety countries. The NGN provides the next generation of engineers with the opportunity to learn from industry experts, network with other like-minded young professionals and contribute to CIGRE papers, conferences and workshops. The CIGRE Australia NGN exists to help young engineers tap into CIGRE’s wealth of expertise, from across the industry and around the world.

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