Engineer - Power Distribution & Distributed Energy Resources

Position Type: 
Raleigh, NC

Quanta Technology LLC seeks Engineer – Power Distribution & Distributed Energy Resources (Raleigh, NC) Duties: Plan, research and engineer protection control and automation of Power Distribution Systems and Distributed Energy Resources. Responsible for research and development of smart grid and integration of emergent technologies. Apply data mining, modeling, simulation and analysis to electrical power systems. Perform grid impact studies for Distributed Energy Resources (DER) which includes, renewable generation such as solar and wind, energy storage and microgrids. Perform time-series analysis by building electrical models and performing simulations using specialized power flow simulation tools. Perform advanced transient analysis of DERs on the electric distribution system. Contribute with technical content of projects in an efficient and timely manner. Identify business opportunities, prepare proposals, and execute projects. Leverage the company's synergies and resources.


Required:  Master’s or foreign degree equivalent in Electrical Engineering or related field plus 2 years of experience in the job offered or as Electrical Engineer, Dispatch Engineer or related engineering positions.


Must have any experience and/or coursework in Power Systems Protection as well as building distributed energy storage devices for renewable energy systems. 


*Employer accepts experience gained during graduate studies.



Submit resumes online at  Quanta Technology LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer.